GlossyBox x Closer Summer Essentials Limited Edition 2021

Even though the month of June has been a tad quiet in terms of beauty offers, there have been a few that did catch my attention and I wanted to share with you. One of the latest such offers is this new one from GlossyBox. GlossyBox just released a new collocation box with Closer and you can find all the details below.

Closer Summer Essentials Limited Edition Beauty Box Contents

  • GHOST Orb of night fragrance, worth £9
  • DIRTY WORKS The great hydrate Moisturizer, worth £8
  • Bellápierre Cosmetics Volumisisng Black Mascara, worth £19.99
  • St. Moriz Golden Glow Tanning Moisturiser, worth £4.99
  • Percy & Reed Root Lifting Mousse, worth £7
  • mio Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Serum, worth £5.00
  • Leighton Denny Marvel Balm Mint, worth £12
  • MCo Highlighting Shimmer Whip Champagne, worth £14.99
  • Manna Kadar Lip Scrub, worth £17
  • Riemanns P20 SPF 30 , worth £5.99
  • So Eco Complexion Sponge worth £6

Price and Value

The new Closer Summer Essentials Limited Edition Beauty Box created in collaboration with GlossyBox is priced at £35 and has a value of around £110. The box is out now and can be purchased here.


Other than the super cute design of this limited edition GlossyBox, I actually like the balance between skincare and makeup products included. You know how much I love cute beauty boxes and that I do tend to keep and reuse mine, but in all seriousness, the contents are not that bad either. GlossyBox to me has always been a beauty box supplier that leaned more towards makeup rather than skincare and as brands started including more and more makeup once again, GlossyBox managed to maintain a really good balance in this box created in collaboration with Closer.

Another remark is that this box definitely has summer written all over it. The products included are a little bit of everything you need to have some fun outside rather than inside. To me personally, that is not a properly nor the most appealing aspect, but I do know there is a huge market for it so whatever woks…

In terms of products, I did not notice one product that stands out. They all seem to be pretty much on the same level. Suprisngly, the one product I am actually excite about from this box is the DirtyWorks one. Dirty Works is a beauty brand carried by Sainsbury’s and they are like a dupe for Soap & Glory, or they used to, however some of their products are actually better, have nicer fragrances and for me personally, led to no reactions as compared to Soap & Glory. I also love Soap & Glory, but I always reacted to their bath products…

Overall, this box ain’t for me, but it is a cute box. It is summer and fun.

Grab the Closer x GlossyBox here.

What do you think of this new box?

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  1. O

    Glossybox here is such a distant relative of the UK one. In terms of literally everything, the products, the value, the price, editions. It even changed its name from Glossybox to Be Glossy.

    1. Nana

      Hmm I had no idea GlossyBox was even available outside US, UK and DE. Is it better or worse? Personally I was never all that impressed by GlossyBox in general, but loved some of their boxes and advent calendars mostly if they included products from brands you can’t really buy in Europe

  2. O

    It’s so much worse. Far less interesting, far less value-price and the advent calendar last year (or 2 years ago) was a box of mainly samples and the reported value was pretty much its price. I used to subscribe when it was first out in 2013 or 2014. The first few boxes were great but then the selection quality declined. Kudos though that they are still on the market

    1. Nana

      that is quite sad. However going back to the fact that it still sells, you do have other beauty boxes available? I can see it still being around for lack of competition.

      1. Oliwia

        I don’t think any other box subscriptions remain. Their main competitor closed down maybe 2 years ago. Now some boxes from the UK ship here so it has also changed the landscape but generally Polish consumers are not pampered 🙁

      2. Nana

        Hmm I guess LF ships no? But then it still makes some sense for the Glossy Box to still sell if competition is limited

  3. O

    LF ships and Cohorted. LF has its local site so it’s like Glossy box in terms of ease of purchase. Love Lula ships too but it’s definitely less advertised

    1. Nana

      Hmm I never heard of Love Lula. Do you know whether Cohorted uses the post service or private couriers? I never managed to get a clear answer from the brand. Our postal service does not deliver parcels… so I avoided getting the box since Brexit

      1. O

        I got the Cohorted calendar delivered by the post but it was just before Brexit. I was so displeased with the calendar and their customer service that I haven’t bought anything since.

      2. Nana

        🙁 I am really sorry to hear this. The holiday season is such a special one and I can imagine that a bad experience with something meant for Christmas can put a damper on things. I do have to agree with the CS bit. I also tried to get a box, thought I subscribed for the current month as that is how it was phrased and did not get the box for a while and when I inquired they said it was for the following month. It is not super clear as sometimes they have more stock left and allow you to purchase current month and other-times not. I wish they would make some things more transparent. Also, the language they used in their emails was quite rude.

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