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What started as something I had every high hopes for, ended up being a small disaster. It keeps happening, no? Okay, in all honesty I shared the products I liked the least recently as those were the ones I could not get off of my mind.

I’ve mentioned this before, but a reminder never hurt anyone. Ever since I learnt and saw just how important using sun screen is for our health and for beauty (if we are being honest), I have been on the lookout for a great such product. However, great is not enough. A sunscreen might be great, but it is pointless if it does not meet our needs and works for us. Sunscreen, I found, that it is hard to match to one’s needs. Many products leave a white cast or they have weird textures which really won’t do. I really cannot see myself wearing hours on end a product that feels gross, you get me?

The Coola Classic Sun Screen Spray is not a product I chose for myself, but one I received as part of the Niche Beauty Summer Bag Beauty Gift with Purchase. I have to say that I was excited and had pretty high hopes as I’ve heard from you that Coola is pretty great in terms of sun screen. Things did not turn out all that well for me though. No, I did not get a burn or anything of the sort, but the product is special, to say the least.

The Classic Sun Screen Spray from Coola is easy to apply which definitely works in its favour, however no matter how much I tried to shake my bottle, the product came out as clear (again a very good thing) but also sticky and the scent was not that pleasant either. The product felt like hair lacquer, there I said it. It was completely unexpected and definitely not welcomed. It does not sit on the skin though nor feel super gross and thick after application. Even I have to admit that the product does look pretty great on the skin once you rub it in. It leaves the skin glowy without drawing too much attention.

If it were not for the feel of the product and the scent, this Coola Classic Sun Screen Spray would have been pretty up on my list of favourite sun screens, especially with it being a body wide product, but as it stands, I really don’t know. Maybe one of the fragranced versions would smell nicer at least, nice enough to look past the weird feel of it. As it stands, I cannot see myself purchasing this product ever again. If I do change my mind once I finish the current bottle, I will let you know, but I pretty much doubt it.

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7 thoughts on “Coola Classic Sunscreen Spray

  1. I had Coola drops in a purple bottle. The pipette applicator didn’t work, the bottle didn’t last for long and the spf 30 in may didn’t do its job on my skin. I don’t know if it works well with makeup because I wore it bare. Nonetheless don’t recommend

  2. The SPF I use now is Benton papaya something spf 50 and it does its job even when I sweat. The scent I find not invasive but there is some smell and the texture is quite thick. Doesn’t leave white film. Don’t know how it reacts to make-up because I wear it without any make-up but it’s okay over a watery serum. I would like the SPF to be more watery so it’s not my holy grail but this summer it’s fine.

    A cream I really liked was Bronze Repair from Esthederm but they don’t provide the SPF number so I’m leaving it for after summer

      1. I haven’t yet. I saw your review and most likely I’ll buy it next year unless I’ll get something else in advent calendars or GWPs, since I don’t want to stash this kind of products

      2. Understandable. I am pretty sure as well that they do not age well. But then again, we do need SPF all year round

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