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Niche Beauty Summer Bag GWP – Gift Review

Around a week or so ago, I shared the news of a new beauty gift with purchase from Niche Beauty. While I do share some thoughts when a new beauty offer becomes available, I rarely had the chance to write about my face-to-face experience with the products while the gift was still available.

As a quick reminder, the Niche Beauty Summer Bag contains the following:

Full Size Products
COOLA / Classic SPF 50 Body Spray Unscented, 177ml
RMS / Luminizing Powder Grande Dame, 14g

Luxury Travel Size
AURELIA / Resurfacing Serum, 15ml
DR. BARBARA STURM / Eye Cream, 5ml
FURTUNA SKIN / Rinascita Delle Olive Replenishing Balm, 4ml
INDIE LEE / CoQ-10 Toner, 8,5ml
KAT BURKI / Dual Exfoliating Clay, 10ml
MARGARET DABBS / Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, 45ml
MDO / 3-day Skin Boost Set ODER Boost Discovery Set
MIMITIKA / Crème Visage SPF 50, 10ml
OUAI / Wave Spray, 30ml
PAULA’S CHOICE / Water-Infusing Electrolyte Moisturizer, 15ml
U BEAUTY / Resurfacing Compound, 10ml
VITA LIBERATA / Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish, 30ml

AIME / Matcha Glow Stick, 1 pc.
DR DENNIS GROSS / Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel, 1ml
SUSANNE KAUFMANN / Hyaluronserum, 1ml
WESTMAN ATELIER / Clean Glow Trio, 1 pc.

The gift is worth around €300 which is pretty average for a luxurious beauty gift with purchase. I had no major issues with the value of the gift. However, you might recall from previous posts that I was not necessarily all that excited about the products either. Has that changed?

Well, honestly, my feelings are even more mixed than before. While I encountered some products in the beauty gift that might be worth it, they are not quite the ones I thought they would be. The idea of two full sized products, especially the Coola Sunscreen and the RMS Highlighter Palette draw me in, but from the little I tried, only one of the products might be worth your time, if even that. I haven’t made up my mind compactly as I do need to investigate the matter further, however the Coola sunscreen is not a product I will ever get to finish and the RMS highlighter while pretty, it might not work all that well despite the beautiful texture and pigmentation. I will definitely explore further and review the products one by one at a later date.

Among the luxury sized items, there wasn’t really anything all that exciting, but I was surprised by the MDO by Simon Ourian Ampoules. I am starting to get the benefit of such products products and that even though most are pricey, they might just be worth it. The rest of the products did not really impress me nor make me chance my mind when I finally got to test them. They are still products that we have seen before and haven’t made all that big of an impression in the past either.

On the other hand, I found the sample products more appealing. The Westman Atelier trio should have definitely been included in a different kind of recipient as you get quite a bit of product in each “pan”. I mean you can get a few decent uses out of each of the products and not having a way to cover the “pan” while opened is a shame. I am actually quite curious to give the samples a good try especially since I already love one of the products included – the Highlighter Stick. On the other hand, I am not sure whether I will ever purchase anything from the brand as it is not a brand I can support if things do not change so it won’t matter whether I will actually end up liking any of their products, now will it? The Susanne Kaufmann sample is a single use sample, but a good one at that. Same goes for Dr Dennis Gross, but I cannot have too many one the brand’s peel treatment packs so I will take it any day. I never used anything from AIME before, but for once, I am actually curious about the quality and taste of the matcha pack included and the size is perfect for one use.

Overall, I am sure you can tell that I am no more excited about the products than I was when I ordered them. If anything, I am even less so. Out of all the beauty gifts with purchase ever released by this Niche Beauty since I started following their activity, this has to be the least appealing one yet. As such, I strongly believe that this is a beauty gift you can get and should get only if you indeed need something else. This is not a gift worth getting just for the sake of the gift.

As for the bag… No, I have not forgotten about it as after all, the bag was one of the reasons that I went for the gift in the first place. Well, the bag was a deciding factor, better? The bag is big enough to take with you to the pool or to the beach. The design is pretty, but the structure of it, a bit less so. The bag is not all that structured actually. The bag handles are strong, but the bag itself lacks support. Mine at least, does not even have a hard bottom and just sags to the floor. That kinda sucks especially since the bag is white and it can get dirty right away. Also, while spacious, the bag lacks any compartments or a closing mechanism which agains makes it a bit impractical. It is pretty to look at, but it is not anything I see myself ever using sadly. I will probably gift it away to use it to store slippers or something (i have a growing collection of slippers… and the washed ones need storage space….) as I am not even sure I could use it for grocery shopping. I have something similar from Selfridges that is meant for grocery shopping, but that one works, this one does not. Nor should this one work as it was not meant for shopping, but I need to find a use for it so I am brainstorming here, you know? Overall, not impressed on this front either.

Personally, I do not regret my purchase though. Like I mentioned in the original post, I got myself some products I reality wanted, plus the previous gift with purchase as a gift set. I got more value than what I paid for by far. No question about that. Furthermore, I got a few additional gifts based on the items in my basket such as a beanie, a magazine which you will see featured as a photo prop for a while haha and some other samples together with a comb/hairbrush set worth £35. It was worth it for me as I really wanted something new, I wanted to try the products I got for a while and also got enough value to justify the purchase. No regrets despite not ending up loving the gift itself. However, unless it makes sense for some other reason, the Summer Bag is not a gift I recommend knowing what I know now.

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Did you get the Summer Bag Gift? What did you think of it?

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