Lucia Magnani Refreshing Energizing Tonic

Today I want to talk a bit more about a brand you might or might not be familiar with – Lucia Magnani. It has been a while since I’ve mentioned this uber luxurious brand and thought it was a good time to bring it up again.

Lucia Magnani is a luxurious skincare brand and it is sold in Harvey Nichols, however it also made several grand appearances over the years in their bi-annual beauty gifts with purchase thus the reason you might already be familiar with it. In fact, the brand was also included in 1-2 Fortnum and Mason beauty advent calendars. You might think the these last two phrases were pretty useless, but not only you should get used to finding some additional information in all my articles (unless you are used to it by now), but also, the mentions will serve a point later on in this article. I promise.

Lucia magnani Refreshing Energizing Tonic Review

When it comes to the Lucia Magnani Refreshing Energizing Tonic I honestly do not know where to start. I guess I will simply start with the obvious. Not only does the product come in a bottle similar in design to that of the entire range from the brand, but it is heavy. I really do not know why all luxurious items need to be so heavy, I guess somehow that makes them seem less cheap? It is weird and unnecessary in my opinion. It just makes me want to leave them at home when traveling. Anyways, the bottle is beautiful and that cap even more so. I only wish that you could somehow reuse the cap of the bottle somehow. I kept all of mine [caps], Lucia Magnani ones I mean, but haven’t figured out how to use them yet. It is a shame as not only are they pretty. but at the brand’s price range you should be left with something, you know? Yes, like a souvenir. I am being weird right now haha.

Leaving the packaging aside, the Refreshing Energizing Tonic is more like a mist rather than an actual toner, at least in my opinion. The bottle comes with a spraying mechanism and produces such a fine mist that using the product as a toner is just a bit inconvenient. If you spray the product on a cotton pad/ball or whatever else you normally use, it might comes out foamy, especially if you spray it at close range. If you spray it from further away, you either risk spreading the product all over the place or you end up with a “mist”. Hope this makes some sense. Spraying the product straight on the face is fine, but then you end up with something that resembles a mist more than anything. This Lucia Magnani product just does not feel like a toner, at least not like the toners I use.

The product is high quality and feels okay on the skin. I have no complaints about this, but I do not get the same great feeling I get after using a toner. In this regard, I would much rather stick to my K-Beauty toners with active ingredients that cost a fraction of the price. I am being serious right now.

Now, if I were to think o the Refreshing Energizing Tonic as a mist, then I have to say that I do like it. I like the product a lot actually. However, while it might be formulated using CoQ10, Vitamin E, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C, the product does not generate “wow” worthy results in my opinion. The rest of the Lucia Magnani is more potent. Sure, the skin might look a tad brighter and maybe even firmer, but there is nothing spectacularly about this product. If this product was meant to do more, it did not do it for me, at least I did not notice any improvements, especially none long term. It might make the rest of the range work better or harder, that I do not know. I was referring more in the lines of having wet skin or something before application of further steps. However, if that is the case, then I would much rather stick to another product from someone else that does the same. Not only do I not believe that you need an entire range from the same brand for the product to work, but some parts of the routine can actually be replaced with more affordable alternatives as far as I am concerned. If you are still seeking to find a luxurious replacement, then there is always Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary which is an incredible product.

So yes, I have quite mixed feeling about this product as it has to be the first ever that I did not like all that much, well actually, did not like enough to purchase from Lucia Magnani. That is quite a shame, however not many brands, if any, can get all products right and right for everyone. There is also that – right for everybody. This brings me to something I mentioned in the intro and promised I would bring up again. While this is a product I might have not liked enough tot purchase, I would definitely not say no to it were I to receive it again in a beauty gift with purchase or something. Actually, as much as I liked everything from Lucia Magnani I tried thus far, if there is any way to receive it as part of a gift with purchase or advent calendar – well, that is the way to go. I know this could be said about every brand or product, but it is more valid here than perhaps ever before from all the brands I showcased on this blog. Maybe in 17 or so years I will change my mind, but pretty much doubt it. Regardless of your disposable income, I strongly believe that you should try to get the most for your buck. I do not think about it as being “cheap” but rather being “savvy”. Play the system as the system is sure playing you. I am not referring to scheming or worse, just play it smart, you know?

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