Ziaja Goat Milk Shampoo

For today’s review I decided to focus on a product from a brand that I came to love quite a bit during the past year and that brand is Ziaja. For those who might have missed previous mentions of this brand, Ziaja is an all natural brand from Poland. The brand’s products can usually be found in pharmacies, natural remedies/products sort of stores (think Holland and Barrett types), but the products are also carried by some other retailers.

The brand is available internationally, but it might be significantly less known depending on where you live. However, a good Google search will help you uncover where you can shop the product locally.

Besides the online retailer Notino, the only other international store chain that I know carries a limited range of products from Ziaja is German retailer dm. For more info, I highly recommend Google.

It is worth noting that Ziaja carries quite a variety of products and the best bit is that they are super affordable. So even though finding the products locally will take some investigative work, I highly recommend you spend some time embarking on said work. For now though, I will focus on one of the products from the Goat Milk line and that product is the Goat Milk Shampoo.

Ziaja Goat Milk Shampoo Review

The Goat Milk Shampoo from Ziaja comes in a simple, white 400ml bottle. There is no pump or anything fancy like that. However, the product can be easily retrieved from the bottle due to its creamy and yet sufficiently runny consistency. What I meant to say is that I did not struggle nor had to squeeze the bottle to get some product out. At the same time, the product is not watery. The shampoo is creamy with an overall nice consistency that does not only make it easy to retrieve the product from the bottle. but also makes it easy to use.

You know those shampoos that are so thick and sticky that they are hard to rub all over your hair? This one from Ziaja is not like that. You can easily get the product all over where you need it without any trouble.

In terms of scent, this shampoo smells a bit milk like, but it is not an unpleasant scent. I cannot confirm if it actually smells like goat milk as I do not recall ever being exposed to goat milk in my life, but maybe it does smell like goat milk? The scent is definitely unlike any other I have came across in beauty products, particularly in haircare products. However, the shampoo does smell pretty nice and it does not have an overpowering, cheap feel to it.

At first glance, the shampoo is nothing fancy. It does not have that luxurious feel, the one that some people claim that “feels like an experience on its own” or some other random stuff like that. Seriously now, I do get what they mean, but for me the most important thing is for a product to work and to work well without making my life more difficult. I am always on the lookout for products that make things easier and do not make a dent in my wallet if possible.

I can honestly say that the Goat Milk Shampoo from Ziaja is one such product. The shampoo leaves my hair sort of moisturised and soft and yet, it does not take away much of the volume. The hair is left looking pretty glossy as well. Of course, the effects do not compare with a professional salon keratin treatment, but the results are pretty great for a super affordable product. Actually, the results from this shampoo by Ziaja are pretty good period. This shampoo can definitely be compared to some if not most of those in the £20-£50 price range.

As for the volume bit, you can totally style your hair as normal and get some of the volume back.

The shampoo was quite an unexpected find, it is actually what got me more interested in Ziaja. If I were to add one more thing is that the shampoo is significantly better than the stuff you can find in drugstores and it is usually also more affordable. I paid the equivalent of less than £3 for the bottle and it lasted me quite a while.

Highly recommend.

Have you ever tried any products from Ziaja?

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