beauty advent calendars 2021

What do we know about Beauty Advent calendars so far? July 12-18th

Who doesn’t love a good beauty advent calendar? In the most recent seasons, there have been some really exciting ones from brands like Sephora, Liberty of London, Harrods, Revolve Beauty, Fortnum and Mason, you name it. If you’ve been following along, then you probably know that I am a huge fan of advent calendars, so much so that last year I actually had to restrain myself and settle for just a few, down from 14 two years ago! It was crazy. 

I think I got a little carried away in 2019, so I had to keep it more realistic in 2020. Fingers crossed, I will do better in 2021, but I doubt it as I missed having more calendars to open last year. Anyway, we shall see. However that is not really what I wanted to talk to you about today.

With the 2021 beauty advent calendar launch season right ahead, I though it was time to prepare the field so to speak and start sharing some of the news that started trickling in. Are you ready?

As always, I will cover the launches as I have in the past, until then though, I thought it would be fun to keep you up to date as to where we stand in regards to these beauties. I know you are as excited about the calendars as I am, well maybe not if you are currently on holiday and Christmas time/presents are the last things you want to think about right now.

This is what we know so far:

Cult Beauty Advent Calendar

The bestselling calendar from Cult Beauty is back for another year. We might not have that many details yet, but at least we know that the launch will be happening. You can even sign up to the waitlist here.

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar

Another beauty advent calendar that could have not been missing this holiday season is the Liberty Advent Calendar. Unlike other calendars, this is one we know a bit more about. According to the British retailer, the upcoming advent calendar will be the most valuable one to date. The contents are reportedly worth over £900 and among the contents we are sure to find some products from new brands carried by Liberty. The calendar will launch online midnight October 6th. Sign up to the waitlist here.

Cohorted Beauty Advent Calendar

The Cohorted Advent Calendar will be launching soon. As far as the official website indicates, the calendar will consists of 12 beauty products same as in previous years. There is no official launch date disclosed just yet, however you can already join the waitlist if so inclined here.

Elemis Beauty Advent Calendar

Another advent calendar that will be returning for yet another year is the single brand Elemis calendar. No actual details are known at this time, but the waitlist has been open for several weeks now. Sign up here to register your interest.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

The Body Shop will also be releasing three different beauty advent calendars this year as we have become accustomed to seeing from the retailer. The three calendars include the Share the Joy Advent Calendar which will be priced at £55 and have a value of £77, the Share the Love Big Advent Calendar which will be priced at £80 and have a value of £119, but also the Share the Love & Joy Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar which will be priced at £140 with an expected value of over £200.

Sign up for the Body Shop Advent Calendar waitlist here.

Which calendar are you most excited about?

Stay tuned as more advent calendar related content will follow.

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**Feature photo credits: The Body Shop UK.


  1. O

    With all the shipping restrictions my choice might be so limited that I think I’ll spare myself checking out the contents until I have confirmed it can be delivered. Cult beauty surely will deliver internationally, so should look fantastic and niche beauty, Space NK probably too, but the rest remain a total mystery so I’ve started to manage my expectations:(

    1. Nana

      Don’t forget SkinCity! I got the Swedish version last year so that should not be affected. Also Revolve. However, I get what you mean. I am actually preparing myself to pay extra for forwarding and customs…. But it has to be something beyond incredible to do something so stupid 😂 the company I used in the past has increased their fees so much that it is pretty much pointless To even try. Also Net a Porter figured it out and refused to ship to their warehouse in the past so…. Maybe it is better this way 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. O

        SkinCity has an abominable difference in prices between £ and €, so unless they (have) changed it I won’t bother. Yeah, with the amount of fees applicable to parcels for £150+ I don’t think I’ll want anything that badly.
        Revolve and Skinstore could be nice indeed (Babor ampoules from last year’s SkinStore were my personal favourite). Ah well, it’s still July and my stash is a bottomless pit.

      2. Nana

        Hmmm I am nearly certain that I when I got my calendar last year I actually paid significantly less than I would have on the British website. Just checked and yes. The UK one was £125 and the Sweden one was £110 – 121 eur which included the €9 shipping fee

  2. O

    Take a look now, I’ve just checked SkinCity 12h Night Renewal Emulsion: £24 (€28) and €33 on the international website. Something more expensive, I.e. Medik8 the Bakuchiol Edition Kit is for £118 (€136.5) and €165 on the international site

    1. Nana

      I had a look at the Summer edition box and it is £49 in the UK or €49, Augustinus Bader Lip Balm is £30 for UK or €28 … the price might differ for certain products I guess, some might be higher while others lower priced. Hopefully the calendar will fall in the lower priced category

    2. Nana

      I just checked the products you mentioned and the Medik8 the Bakuchiol Edition Kit is €132 for me… the Emulsion is €26 😐 it seems that the pricing might differ per country as well

  3. O

    I’m super baffled why there’d be such differences
    Either way if I can’t buy it at a regular price then I totally won’t, I’m even less inclined now =_= but seriously, why like this. I wonder if there’s some additional tax here (should be the same across the EU, no?) or are there higher shipping costs added to items’ prices

    1. Nana

      I honestly do not know. However now that we know for certain that this is an issue as it is not the first time it happened, I will keep my eyes open for it and start looking into this issue more. As far as I know there are the same taxes all over, but I really do not know whether country specific taxes are allowed. I was also thinking about exclusivity contracts within a country but then that usually means no other retailer delivers there or some price competition thing, however I guess that is too much of a stretch. Soo weird though 🙁 Did you look on SkinCity dot com? Or somewhere else?

    1. Nana

      Ooo dry brushing 🙂 I got as far as buying the brush and ended up using for a complete different purpose haha 😂 (cleaned tapestry with it) seriously now, it is something I have always wanted to try. Do let me know whether you notice any effects 🙂

  4. Eve

    Guess what? I just checked the Liberty website, and although it initially said the value of this year’s calendar would be over £900, it’s now been changed and says it will be at least £840. Hmm… quite a bad mistake in my opinion. If it had said 840 from the start then fine. But now I want to know why we’re missing out on the extra £60 worth of product! And what would have been included which now isn’t!

    1. Nana

      So do I! Hmm so frustrating. Sadly, on this occasion I do not have any inside info to share 🙁 I am being super mean now, but if it were a Margaret Dabs product they excluded, then I am here for it. In all seriousness, if they ensure international shipping with this omission, then a slightly lower value is acceptable IMO. But it is still wrong to advertise something in a given way and then change it.

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