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I’ve been a fan of the BeautyBlender makeup sponge for many years now. I love the way the BeauyBlender makes my foundation look, plus it offers me great control during the application process. However, I am always looking for different options as the original sponge is a bit on the pricey side. So whenever I receive a sponge as part of a beauty box, bundle or even find one in store that seems like it could have potential, I do not hesitate to give it a go.

A few months ago, I received a makeup sponge from a brand I never heard of – MakeupDrop – in my FabFitFun beauty box. Since I am quite open at experimenting with new sponges, I decided to give it a go.

Now, I haven’t worn foundation outside in nearly two years, but I have applied it a few times for video calls. Luckily, those are very few for me as well, as my colleagues and I or even our clients prefer audio calls. It is easier that way. But each and every time I had to apply foundation over the past few months I used the MakeupDrop to see what it was all about.

The MakeupDrop sponge I got is the hybrid version. This means that the sponge has a silicone side which is the classic MakeupDrop product, but also a regular BeautyBlender style sponge. I was intrigued by the product as I never used anything like it before. I only used either or.

My very first impression was not the best. The moment I got the sponge wet as I always do as that is the only way I can create the look I like, the sponge started showing cracks where the two type of applicators are glued together. I guess that is bound to happen due to the increase in volume of the sponge part, but it looks bad for a new product. It looks like the product is about to break. After a while such things happen to any sponge, but before trying it for the first time is just… yeah, I was a bit disappointed.

When it comes to actually using the product, the silicone side is really good. I do not like applying makeup using silicone sponges, but it is alright. The amount of coverage it is able to offer is not my cup of tea. I prefer to use silicone applicators for face masks rather than foundation for this exact reason.

I am and always have been a fan of sponge applicators. It was to be expected that I would end preferring the sponge side of the Hybrid MakeupDrop. I can say that it worked better than I expected. While not as good as the original BeautyBlender, this makeup sponge offers me a lot of control over the application. It is not as soft and the structure of the sponge itself is core compact I guess one could say. As such, even the coverage you can achieve is higher compared to the original BeautyBlender which is more airy and helps you create a more natural look. At least in my limited experience with makeup I believe that the structure of the sponge is the one that impacts the coverage, please do correct me if I am wrong.

After seeing the cracks in the sponge due to getting it wet, I decided to try using it dry as well and see what happens. Yeah, no. That is something I never have any interest in doing again.

Look, the MakeupDrop does seem to absurd less product whether dry or wet, however overall this product is definitely not one for me. I do not want to keep bashing this product though because it is still pretty decent as far as makeup sponges go. In fact, even though I don’t like how the sponge cracked from getting it wet (let’s be honest, even if you were to use it dry, you still have to wash it at some point so cracks would most likely appear anyway), the silicone side of the sponge is durable and good quality.

I do not regret trying out the Hybrid MakeupDrop, but unless you prefer silicone makeup applicators over regular ones, I am inclined to say that you should pass on this product.  

As far as price goes , the Hybrid MakeupDrop is actually slightly more expensive than the original BeautyBlender, sitting at around 20 US dollars. With that being said I don’t really think this product is worth it for me. As I said in the intro not only am I interested in a more affordable makeup sponge compared to the original, BeautyBlender, but one that allows for an airy, more natural kind of look. This is definitely not it.

Where can you buy the Hybrid MakeupDrop from?

MakeupDrop Official




Have you ever tried a hybrid makeup sponge before? What did you think?

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