What is new in the beauty industry? 12-18 July

Since you seemed to find this new “column” interesting, I decided to bring you a new edition of “What is new in the beauty industry”. Hope you will find the following pieces of news interesting or at least useful.

Makeup by Mario at Cult Beauty

The makeup brand created by the talented makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, artist to the stars including a close friend of Kim Kardashian West and the Kardashian clan, is finally becoming more easily available on this side of the pond. Cult Beauty is the retailer that made this possible. The brand will launch soon. Join the waitlist here.

Comments: personally I am happy for this new development as Mario’s products are some that I am actually looking to try. Some of his palettes seemed incredibly scary for someone who is not a makeup artist or even remotely talented in that area, however after watching some of his tutorials even those products ended up on my wishlist. They just seem like non fussy, high end staples one needs to have in their stash, at least to me they do. However, as far as I know the brand actually offered international shipping right from the start so the only difference here is perhaps the shipping time and lack of a shipping fee or at least a reduced one. Still good news in my opinion.

Scientia Beauty at Cult Beauty

The Insta famous brand Scientia Beauty is available at Cult Beauty starting now.

Comments: wow, it seems that Cult Beauty is on a roll. While Cult Beauty and I had some major issues in the past, this is a piece of news I am actually happy about. Scientia is one of the brands I found about via Instagram that was supposed to be feature in my IG beauty brands I have my eyes on article (title WIP). Yes, the brand is one I had my eyes on for a while now and have been curious to give it a go. Making it available at Cult Beauty is really amazing as it means more people can get to discover it. I look forward to report back with some stories on how the products from this brand behaved as far as my skin is concerned.

Bite Beauty is now available in the UK

Another makeup brand that made its way to the UK is Bite Beauty. The brand is currently sold in Boots and FeelUnique.

Comments: I am not as excited about this piece of news as I thought I would be. I still remember my first ever Bite purchase which was made back when Sephora US still delivered to the UK. I got a set of two lipstick from them as well as another one as part of a bundle. They did not impress me as much as I hoped they would. Definitely not worth the effort and money of having them imported. Despite this, over the years that passed since, they did release a couple of products that caught my attention, but marketing in the form of packaging probably had more to do with it than anything else. I haven’t tried any of the new releases so obviously I do not know what the products are like now, however maybe one day I will give them a go. Well, when I will finally get to make my way to a Boots or other retailers start carrying the brand. FeelUnique stopped deliveries to my country, not that they ever truly worked well. It is not worth getting anything outside of the EU if they do not use a private carrier such as DHL, FedEX etc where I live so….

List of countries that Net-a-Porter paused Shipping to Keeps on Growing

Soon after Brexit, Net-a-Porter stopped beauty deliveries to a couple of EU countries. At least that is when I believe it happened as I had something delivered late last year and there were no issues then. The list seems to have grown since the last time I tried to place an order. Countries on the list now include: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Poland, Romania and Spain.

Comments : this is not a traditional piece of news, I am aware. However, I thought that this is something you might be interested to know since it can affect your future plans of getting a beauty advent calendar later this year or take advantage of their upcoming beauty kits. The list is constantly changing so fingers crossed your country will no longer feature on the list, but I thought you should know that it is a possibility. You can consult the list of countries Net-a-Porter is currently not shipping beauty to here.

This is it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the pieces of news I picked for this new article.

Which piece of news are you most excited about?

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5 thoughts on “What is new in the beauty industry? 12-18 July

  1. I haven’t bought anything from N-a-P yet but this year I’ve been seriously thinking about the calendar (subject to its contents, of course), I regretted not getting it in the previous years and now I may not have this option, seriously =_= maybe either the shipping restrictions will change or the calendar won’t be interesting.

    I read that Mario’s eyeshadows are superb quality. I’m starting to look forward to CB’s new gwp because they might include a lot of new brands I’d love to try despite my overflowing stash

    1. Yeah, it is quite an upsetting development. I haven’t seen the calendar yet nor do I know whether there is one, but would like the option to choose especially as many others are not an option anymore due to Brexit.

      Not sure about CB though. In recent editions I feel like they haven’t been including as many of the new products or brands as they used to do in the past. Haven’t really counted or anything but just at a glance. However, I am looking forward as well to the gift or an excuse to shop the new brands, particularly ones I have been looking to get for years and were not available in Europe. Anything on your wishlist?

      1. Nothing on my wishlist. I often check if there are sets or introductory kits or some promos since I’m not prompted to buy anything I really need, so my shopping turns out random. I used to buy lipsticks from the brands I was interested in but I ended up with over 40 of lipsticks I have no way of using up so I stopped doing that. There are some things I’d like to try but I really can’t buy anymore make-up. As for skincare it usually is so expensive on its own that I don’t buy it unless it’s a promo or part of a value set. Not that €100 face creams have significantly better results that cheaper ones if at all.

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