Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask Review

thank you farmer true water sheet mask

While sheet masks are products that I actually like and do believe that they can provide benefits no matter what some experts that I respect say, I am more often than not too lazy to use them. There, I said it. More than just lazy, I do not feel comfortable with something wet and leaking on my face. That sounded way more gross than it actually is, but you get my point (hopefully).

In recent weeks, I spent quite a bit of time watching Korean TV Series in my spare time and having seen basically every protagonist from said series use a sheet mask at some point or another, I decided that I should start using them again. Of course, I am not that naive to think that al those actors have such amazing skin due to sheet masks or anything of the sort (they do have incredible skin!), but since I already have a box full of sheet masks and I was also reminded that k-beauty is about prevention rather than fixing stuff we do not like… Anyway, the sheet mask I picked to use yesterday is the Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Cotton Mask.

This was my first ever experience with Thank You Farmer even though it is a brand that has been easily available in the United Kingdom as well as other EU countries for quite some time now. It is a brand that I have been meaning to try for ages, but never found the right opportunity or rather I got distracted by some other shiny products. Last Black Friday though, I found the mask mentioned in this article on sale so I purchased it.

Here are my thoughts on the Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask.

Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask

The first thing I noticed about the Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask sheet mask is that the was just enough liquid in the pouch to properly cover the mask. here was basically no residue left in the pouch. Some sheet masks come with so much serum that it ends up being a waste. Sure, you can keep the serum and use it at a later time, but do you really? I sometimes do, but not enough to finish the remaining product and after a while I feel like it needs to go in the trash. Personally, I found it better this way, but I thought I should share this information with you as you might prefer to have some serum left to use at a later date.

My second observation consisted of the fact that the sheet mask itself was of an appropriate size. It was not too small and it did cover my face as much as I would have liked.

Also, the sheet mask does not come with a protective layer on top so there is no excess of plastic.

The Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Cotton Mask is a sheet mask that is soothing and moisturizing. After keeping it on for 30+ minutes, I did not feel the need to wash my face straight after removing the product. I helped the rest of the serum absorb into the skip by using my Dermapore device and then followed up with the rest of the steps in my skincare routine. Sometimes when it comes to sheet masks, I feel the need to wash off the excess product as it can feel sticky or weird depending on the formulation. It was not the case here.

As far as the effects go, this sheet mask did not make my skin feel that much different. Yes, the skin feel more hydrated, but not necessarily softer or anything like that. However, when I looked in the mirror, I could see the results much clearer. The lines around my mouth area were less prominent, the fine line I am starting to develop my the side of my forehead was also less visible and overall my complexion was glowy and healthy looking.

In conclusion: If you are looking for a k-beauty sheet mask that is soothing and moisturising without drying your skin out, then this product is a good option for you! This is the first sheet mask in ages that I am considering purchasing again. With so many products out there, I am always curious to try new stuff as you know, but from time to time, there have been some sheet masks (just talking about sheet masks here) that I did end up repurchasing because they were that good. While the Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask is not necessarily a mask that I am in a rush to repurchase compared to let’s say the HA one from Saturday Skin, it is still a product I am definitely considering for future use and if I ever come across it during a promo/sale then I will definitely won’t hesitate to grab myself some more.

Where can you purchase the Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask?


Cult Beauty

Have you ever tried anything from Thank You Farmer before? Do you have any favourite sheet masks?

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