111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask

I am back with a new review of a sheet mask. I told you the other day that I have seen so many people use these products in my latest binge of k-drama series that I was reminded I own quite a few and that perhaps I should try to use more of them as I have been neglecting them lately. This is not the first time I’ve said this, but I will say it again – I strongly believe that there are benefits to sheet masks no matter what some beauty experts say. I noticed great results in the past from sheet masks and I am all for those benefits. However, the idea of having a single use product and also one that can be quite messy is a bit of a deterrent when it comes to using sheet masks.

Anyway, for today’s post I picked the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask. Not only is 111Skin a brand I ignored for far too long and have no way of justifying this choice now that I know how amazing some of their products are, but this is a mask I have seen included in so many gifts with purchase and other beauty offers that I thought I should give it a try so that I know to pick it up through beauty offers in the future.

111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask Review

The first thing you notice about the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask o ice you retrieve it from the pouch is that there is no excess of serum in the pouch. There is even less serum left over than there was in the Thank You Farmer Mask I used the last time.

Also, the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask is made of gel rather than paper and comes in two pieces – one of the upper part of your head so forehead, eyes and noes and a second part to be used for the area around your mouth and chin.

The two pieces of the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask are super easy to apply one you manage to separate them, that is. Also, the two pieces are covered by plastic so to aid application, but in my case they did nothing useful. They were extra bits that got stuck together unfortunately and made separating the two pieces of the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask more difficult. Usually these type of foils can be useful for application purposes, but not here. However, maybe they do still served a purpose as the two pieces of the mask are supposed to stick together when applied on the skin so one might have easily broken or at least teared them when getting them out of the pouch if not for the foils.

Size wise, the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask is great. It fit perfectly on my slightly larger sized head. Some of you might find it a bit big for this reason.

Mask is a not necessarily a must have. However, the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask is a mask that works, does what it claims to do and I am happy with my results. I had no idea when I applied the mask that my skin was puffy. I know, I know…why did I apply it in the first place? Well, I did not want to keep my mom waiting so I grabbed the first mask I had closer to the surface and this was it. But yes, I noticed significant de-puffing. I was actually impressed with the results. I do have to say though that I did not notice other significant results. There was a bit more hydration, but nothing else really. For comparison reasons, I guess I could say that I obtained the same results as after ice rolling without the rolling though. Overall the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask is more convenient than anything else. Still though, the results were pretty neat regardless.

Given the effects I experienced, I do recommend giving this mask a go. However, as already mentioned above, 111Skin is a brand that is often found as part of beauty gifts with purchase or other offers so I highly suggest you seek out the brand’s products that way, at least the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask is better purchased via an offer. If you are impatient or know you like the mask already, I am going to leave you a few links below where you can get the mask from.

Where can you purchase the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energy Facial Mask from?

Harvey Nichols

Cult Beauty

111Skin UK

Have you ever tried this mask before?

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  1. AmandaSushma

    I love sheet masks, idc what the experts say lol. I’d rather use a mask than the roller tbh, seems easier and the fact that you saw a difference makes it worth it to me! Added to my list to try 😊

    1. Nana

      happy to hear that! still do stay tuned as many of the beauty offers I share on here do feature products from 111skin and given the hefty price tag of this mask… Also, I recommend having a loot at local retailers to see when they have special offers as otherwise it can get quite pricey to invest in these masks as compared to a face roller.

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