Sensai Absolute Silk Cream

I am back today with another product that was include din the Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar and this time I am talking about the Sensai Absolute Silk Cream.

This is not my first encountered with Sensai. In fact, I have been trying more and more of their products in recent months and I thought this was the perfect occasion to talk about it. I would not wan to end up in the same situation as many times before when I posted my first review on a certain brand only after I tried half the range and make comparisons you sometime cannot follow. No, no. Not this time! So here we go, shall we?


Sensai Absolute Silk Cream


The Sensai Absolute Silk Cream is the first ever moisturiser I tried from the brand. From the moment I first held in my hands, I knew that the product screamed luxurious. The jar is super heavy. It is almost like holding a rock or since we are not kids anymore, a marble vase. A small one, but still…That fact alone screams luxurious even if we do not think about the brand name. But is it?


The Absolute Silk Cream from Sensai has a light and creamy texture. The product is definitely a cream and there is nothing watery or jelly about it. It is a cream, but a light one which I am guessing is supposed to refer back to the ingredients used, as well as the name – the silk. Yes, the cream can be considered to be kinda silky and it is formulated with Koishimaru Silk.

The Sensai Absolute Silk Cream is formulated with Koishimaru Silk, as stated above. This is a proprietary blend that offers anti ageing properties which can be found in Sensai’s products.

Officially, this Absolute Silk Cream is best suited for normal to dry skin and it should help with dehydration. I have oily skin and have no issues using it. However, does it actually help at all and most importantly, how does it feel on the skin?

I am going to start with the easiest part and say that the cream feels pretty nice on the skin. The Absolute Silk Cream from Sensai also absorbs quite fast. On my oily skin, I can still feel the cream slightly, but it does absorb. I know there can be some issues with some products, but I did not have any. as for the finish, the finish is silky and smooth. I cannot say it is matte though. In fact, I would argue that you are left with a luminous and radiant complexion after the use of this product.

And the best part? You can use this cream night and day so you don’t need two separate moisturisers.

However, I do not find my skin to feel considerably more hydrated, not even my dehydrated patches. After all, this is the most important part when it comes to moisturisers. And this brings me to my next point, the ingredients.

In terms of ingredients, I don’t really have good news. If until now, things were kinda okay and kinda not, this part will probably sway your opinion more towards one side.

The Absolute Silk Cream from Sensai is paraben and sulphate free. However, it is not alcohol free which means that it can be quite bad for dry skin. Alcohol would lead to moisture evaporation and thus dry out skin which is the exact thing you do not want happening and the exact thing this cream is supposed NOT to do. The same applies for sensitive skin.

When it comes to oily skin, there are also some ingredients that are not good for it. I am super surprised that I did not have any issues thus far. I tend to react to more and more ingredients that are bad for oily skin, including one found in this product. That was not the case here, but perhaps I was just lucky. The Sensai cream is formulated using Isostearyl Isostearate and Stearic Acid. Both of these products can block pores and we all know how that turns out.

Okay, so by now you probably realised that there are a few issues here, but according to their ingredients list, there are quite a few masking fragrances which can not only bother certain people, bu they are in fact known allergens. The ingredients are on the EU list of allergens. That not good.

Seriously folks, this is a nice cream, but as nice as it might be, the fact that there are quite some problematic ingredients makes me wanna say try this one at your own risk. I don’t feel comfortable recommending it. I like it and plan on finishing up my jar, but I won’t be repurchasing it either.


Where can you purchase the Sensai Absolute Silk Cream?


Have you tried this product? Have you tried anything else from Sensai?



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