NYX #thisiseverything Lip Scrub

It has been a while since I talked about NYX and especially the #thisiseverything range. When the range was first released it caught my attention right away and when it expanded, I continued to get the new launches. However, are all worth your money? Not quite.

Now the question is, does the lip scrub merit your attention?

Read and find out. Β ( I am getting worse and worse at writing these intros, I swear. Maybe I am starting to sound a lot more like a salesperson. Totally not intentional!)

Anyway, let’s get on with it.


#thisiseverything Lip Scrub Review


Lip scrubs are an important part of our routine. It is not something we think about often enough though. At least, I do not. I might invest a lot of time and money in skincare, but lips are not something I think about too often. Well, I do invest in lip balms and more often than not in coloured products, but scrubs are just not on my mind. That is not okay and this year I promised to do better thus why I decided to cover this topic with you today. Accountability and all that…

You need a good canvas to achieve a beautiful result and that is valid here as well. You might soften the skin on your lips with lip balms and other treatments, but a good scrub every once in a while is also a good idea in order to remove the dead cells more effectively.

Is the #thisiseverything lip scrub from NYX a contender?

Let’s see.

The first I noticed about this lip scrub was the scent. It seemed to be quite yummy so definitely something I wished to have on the lips. Though it does not matter much as this lip scrub is not edible. Sorry for those who were looking to get their sugar fix from you lip scrub. Those are the best, aren’t they?

Okay, so nice scent but not suitable to eat. But does it work at least?

It does. The lip scrub from NYX does a wonderful job at removing dead cells. On top of this, the thicker than normal formulation is also incredibly nourishing. It is very balmy rather than scratchy so it is more gentle than other scrubs and because of this consistency, it protects the lips.

On the other hand, the formulation leaves your lips super greasy. It is even greasier than most Vaseline based lip balms. I barely stand those and this for me is even worse. I just hate the feel of the greasy-ness on my lips no matter how protecting or nourishing it may be.

Overall, while I think this is a super affordable and effective lip scrub, I really dislike the greasiness of it and the fact that the product is not edible. I recommend it if you are not bothered by the two things that annoyed me, but otherwise I say pass. There are other products out there.


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Have you tried the #thisiseverything lip scrub?


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