Sanctuary Spa Body Butter

Sanctuary Spa seems like the most ideal brand. The brand promises to offer you high quality products at affordable prices. On top of it all, their entire range looks like something you can easily gift. Okay, it would be more of a courtesy gift or one of those gift baskets in which you never really know what to put, but still the range is very giftable. At least in my opinion.

However is it any good? Well, I was never quite impressed by any of their products. Is Sanctuary Spa Body Butter any different? Read and find out.

The product was included in the Latest in Beauty advent calendar in 2019.


Sanctuary Spa Body Butter Review

I recently got a Sanctuary Spa Body Butter as part of the Latest in Beauty LiBMas advent calendar and I was super excited to try it out and review it for all of you. Sanctuary Spa is not a brand I reviewed before, ever!

The packaging of the body butter jar is super cute. It is not necessarily an Instagram moment, but it is very beautiful and gift like. I also mentioned this above in the intro. That is also the case where the body butter is concerned.

Once I opened the jar, I was hit with this extraordinary potent fragrance. I am not one that shies away from fragrances. I am obsessed with them and I don’t mind them in body butters or such. The only place where I don’t want fragrances really is in food and in skincare (depends on a few things which I am not going to get into now). However, the fragrance of the Sanctuary Spa Body Butter is super potent and not my kind of fragrance at all. The fragrance reminds me older scents, something grandmothers used to own, but worse. It is like they are trying too hard and they are failing miserably because of it. If you like it then good for you, but it is definitely not my cup of tea.


As for the texture, I loved it. The body butter from Sanctuary Spa has a beautiful and soft texture. Unlike other butters, this feels more like a fluffy cream. The Sanctuary Spa Body Butter is actually super soft and light rather than thick as a butter.

But does it work?

The Body Butter from Sanctuary Spa is actually nourishing and that is all due to the butters it is using. The product absorbs well into the skin and does not leave a greasy mess behind. I am quite surprised actually as most creams do leave traces, especially at this price range. This one does a good job at absorbing into the skin so yay for that!

There is not much else I can say about this product really. The cream is, like I mentioned above, a nice product gift rather than keep. It is affordable and nice looking. It wants to bring a spa into your own home which I admire them for that. However, regardless of the fact that I disliked the scent with a passion, there is nothing that can anilin my interest when it comes to this product. This is something you use and then forget about it and instead try something else. At least that is how it felt for me.

Where can you find Sanctuary Spa products?



Have you tried the body butter from Sanctuary Spa? Do you have any favourite products from the brand?



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