MakeTheMake Double Vit E Illuminating Balm + Hyaluronic Highlighter Gloss

After the increased interest in the MakeTheMake Watermelon Moisture Mist, I decided that it was time to share with you a second review from the brand.

I discovered MakeTheMake when I first encountered it in the SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar and I was immediately hooked. The brand just knows how to create amazing products that combine both skincare and makeup. While they might not be super cheap, the product don’t break the bank either and unlike most makeup products, they give you extra benefits.

Let’s get to the point and discuss the Highlighter Duo from MakeTheMake. I am actually super excited to share this with you.

MakeTheMake Hyaluronic Acid Highlighter Duo Review


Okay, so as the name suggests, the MakeTheMake Hyaluronic Acid Highlighter Duo comes with two different pans – one is white and the other is more of a champagne/peach colour.

Both shades have the same formulation and they are both gel like highlighters. The two highlighter are in solid format, but they are creamy/gel like rather than powder or who knows what else. However, they are not at all runny as I mentioned above. The product is solid.

You are not a fan of this type of texture/formulation? I wasn’t either. Previous encounters did not end on a good note. But the product from MakeTheMake is different. The highlighter might be glossy, but is by no means sticky.


Furthermore, the fact that the product contains HA makes it even better. Not only HA helps hydrate the skin by improving its ability to retain moisture, but it also makes the highlighter on your face look better. Say goodbye to any dry patches or worse, having your highlighter dry out your skin. This product stays more or less the way you apply it.

However, despite of all of this, the highlighter does not stand out too much. It is glossy and visible for sure, but it blends really nice and it looks really classy and elegant. While it might not be as subdued as the product from Hourglass, the highlighter from MakeTheMake is still a pretty and elegant product that offers you a glow on top of some skincare benefits.

I recommend it wholeheartedly.

How do you apply the MakeTheMake Highlighter?

While you might be able to get away by applying this product with your brush, I really do not recommend it. You should use a sponge/beauty blender or your fingers if you want to achieve an easier to control look.

Where can you buy the MakeTheMake Hyaluronic Acid Highlighter Duo?

Skin City UK ( don’t forget that you can get 12% off your first order at Skin City if you use my refferal code.)


Have you tried anything good from MakeTheMake?


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