NO7 Radiant Result Cleansing Wipes

Finally! A No7 beauty product on this blog. It is not that I don’t use their products. In fact, I started using more and more products from the brand. It took me long enough! But this particular product is a product that was included in the No7 Beauty Advent Calendar.

It is 2020 and despite all the pledges major retailers have made, we still have cleansing wipes available on the market. I honestly thought that Boots was on the list of retailers that decided to ban such products. Maybe that is why they sprung this one on us via the calendar? Probably not. They still carry cleansing wipes from other brands. If anyone remembers this more accurately, do leave a comment below. But I could swear that Boots also decided to forgo such products. Anyway…

I also love the convenience of such products, despite knowing just how harmful they are for the environment. However, I never once used such product at home unless it was for testing. I love carrying a package in my bag just in case my makeup melts while I am at work… well, it could happen. I think. Other than that, I don’t use cleansing wipes.


They could never replace a cleanser and some water, never. The Olay ones are a step up, but products such as the No7 Radiant Results Wipes simply do not have a place in your vanity. They really don’t. You cannot achieve radiant and great skin without having a clean canvas to build upon. A clean canvas is achieved by using high quality and effective products. These cleansing wipes from No7 might remove surface makeup and impurities, but they don’t go as deep as other cleansers do.


But that is not the only issue I have with the product. No, no. In fact, I also hate the smell of the wipes. They are not perfumed per se, but they do smell rather awful. They really don’t have that expensive, clean skincare fragrance to them.

I am going to keep this short as I think I insulted No7 and the cleansing wipes enough for one day, but my final verdict is a heck no. You can do better, even if you choose cleansing wipes, you could still do better. I am not endorsing cleansing wipes, but I would be a hypocrite if I were to say to never buy them. Like I said above, I carry around a trace sized pack for emergencies purposes which I usually don’t use, but still… This No7 product is just one I cannot recommend, but the brand deserves a chance. It might surprise you as much as it did me.


Have you tried anything from No7? Do you use cleansing wipes?


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