Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask

The Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask is a product I have been using for year. However, despite what signal this might send, do read on as things are not quite as they seem. I thought it was finally time to share my opinion of this product with you, so here it is.

Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask Review

The Pink Clay Mask from Sand and Sky was a super popular product on Instagram. I used to see adverts from them all the time and then everyone seemed to buy a jar. I decided to get one as well because why not? I was very naive at the time, but before I managed to get my hands on my very first jar I received a sample from Harvey Nichols I think. I still got the jar if you are wondering, but I did try the mask first. So many Is! Please excuse me.

Okay, as as we established, the mask has been part of my beauty collection for several years now. Does this means it is a die for product?

Well, not really.

Don’t get me wrong. The Pink Clay Mask from Sand and Sky is actually pretty good. The mask is not the most affordable one, but it is not the most expensive one either. It can be considered higher end though in terms of pricing and I think it should not be in that price bracket. But that is just my opinion.

The Pink Clay Mask is easy to apply and it dries fairy quickly. The mask does a good job at removing some of the impurities and especially your blackheads. That is why I keep going back to it time and time again and why I decided to order a jar after all. Not only the mask removes some fo the blackheads, but it also improve the texture of the skin and makes my pores smaller. I noticed an obvious improvement from continued use in the area around my nose. The pores were no longer as enlarged.

However, this clay mask is so freaking hard to take off. Most clay masks are not easy to take off, but this one was particular hard when compared to other pink clay masks on the market. I hate that! I really do. Such things put me off from using a mask and even though I know I should use them more often, I have periods when I simply do not use them enough. So if this does not bother you, then that is fine. I am just telling you the things I disliked.

Overall, the Pink Clay Mask from Sand and Sky is a good mask and one you should give a try. However, like I said, the market does offer you other options in terms of pink clay mask that work and some that are easier to remove. The price is also not as great. However, if you ant to try this specific brand and mask, there is no reason not to. The product is actually Β good product.


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  1. Ellie Rose

    Hey! I have been eyeing up this product for so long and didn’t know whether it would be worth the ££, thankfully just came across your post and I think I will need to splash out and purchase it after all! Thank you!!

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