Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad – Cabbage & Moringa One-Step Review

Ever wondered if there’s a holy-grail skincare product that effectively cleanses while nourishing your skin without causing any dryness? Look no further! Allow me to introduce you to the Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad – Cabbage & Moringa One-Step, a unique, innovative product that has been a game-changer for my skincare routine.

As a product reviewer, I’ve seen and tried countless skincare products, but this ingenious cleansing pad from Keenoniks has left a lasting impression.

In today’s review, I will share my journey with this amazing product and help you decide if it deserves a coveted spot in your skincare arsenal.

Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad – Cabbage & Moringa One-Step

Keenoniks is a brand renowned for creating high-quality, results-driven skincare products that are gentle yet effective. Their commitment to using natural, skin-loving ingredients speaks volumes about their dedication to keeping their customers’ skin healthy and radiant.

The Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad – Cabbage & Moringa One-Step is tailored to sweep away impurities, makeup remnants, and excess oil while infusing your skin with the goodness of cabbage and moringa extracts. The combination of these powerful botanicals makes these pads incredibly gentle and perfect for all skin types, ensuring that your skin remains balanced and nourished after each use.

How to use the Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad – Cabbage & Moringa One-Step

To get the most out of the Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad, follow these simple steps:

1. Gently swipe the cleansing pad across your face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

2. Use the textured side to exfoliate and the smooth side for a final sweep.

3. Dispose of the pad after use.

4. Continue with your regular skincare routine.

It’s that easy and convenient!

Personal Experience

My experience with the Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad – Cabbage & Moringa One-Step has been nothing short of impressive. The pad size is perfect for ensuring that every nook and cranny of my face receives the pampering it deserves. However, I wouldn’t recommend relying solely on this pad for cleansing, as its strength lies in its ability to provide a thorough yet gentle cleanse in conjunction with your regular skincare routine. Don;t get me wrong, it does remove a lot of makeup and dirt and the pads are definitely way more than simple toner pads as you will notice from the texture of the product as well as the tiny amount of foam like that can form during the cleasing process but still, the cleasning is not thourough enough to rely soley on this product.

Pros and Cons


  • Hydrating: Leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed
  • Effective cleansing and toning properties without causing dryness or irritation
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • While it claims to be a one-step solution, it works best in conjunction with an additional cleanser for optimal results. However, this is a minor concern considering the overall effectiveness of the product.


The Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad – Cabbage & Moringa One-Step is a worthy addition to anyone’s skincare regimen. Its perfect balance of cleansing, toning, and nourishing properties make it an ideal companion for those looking to maintain healthy and radiant skin. While it may not replace your existing cleanser completely, it surely enhances your overall skincare routine.

If you’re seeking a convenient, effective, and gentle product that leaves your skin feeling revitalized and nourished, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this cleansing pad a try.

Where can you purchase the Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad – Cabbage & Moringa One-Step from?

Have you tried the Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad – Cabbage & Moringa One-Step before? What did you think?

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  1. O

    How do you combine cleansing with this product? You used it as a second step in the 2-step routine?
    The product sounds great and I’m happy to see an affiliation code. It’s the first time I see this store but looks cool, I added to my favourites

    1. Nana

      I did use it as a second step but usually in the mornings when I was not exposed to outside dust and dirt. They are toner pads but with a bit more cleansing action to them. They won’t replace cleansers all together. As for the store, I just ordered from them so will report back soon as to how the whole experience went 🙂

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