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Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact: A Cute Solution to Pimple Patch Storage

Skincare enthusiasts, we all know the struggle – our bathroom counters are filled with various creams, serums, and our beloved pimple patches. While we love these adhesive lifesavers, storing and keeping track of them can be a challenge. Enter the Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact.

Today, we’re reviewing this intriguing product that promises not only to keep our pimple patches organized but also to add a touch of fun and functionality to our daily routines.

Is it worth making space for it in your skincare collection? Let’s find out.

Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact Review

Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact 1

For those unfamiliar with Starface, this skincare brand has made a name for itself through its playful and aesthetically-pleasing acne patches that aim to normalize the experience of dealing with breakouts. Their wide range of colorful and innovative patches have garnered a substantial following, but what drew me to the Big Yellow Refillable Compact specifically was the added convenience and versatility it offers.

Product Description and Usage

The Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact is a small, cute, and functional storage solution for your pimple patches. It can be filled with any kind of patch from the brand, regardless of colour or type. Although it is designed to fit Starface patches seamlessly, it can also hold patches from other brands if cut to size.

To use the Big Yellow Refillable Compact, simply insert your preferred pimple patches and close the compact. It’s a no-fuss way of keeping your patches safe and easy to access, even on the go.

The case is initially sold with 32 classic hydro-colloid patches but can then be refilled as you, please. Pacthes or so called refills can be purchases without the case with no issue. The refills are wrapped as with those from any other brand so the case is not a must have in order to try the products/pacthes from Starface out.

Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact 1

Personal Experience

I found the Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact to be a great addition to my skincare routine. As someone who frequently relies on pimple patches, having a designated storage system has been particularly helpful in keeping my bathroom counter clutter-free but more so in not loosing my pacthes or leaving them all over the place. I cannot even tell you how many new foils I had to open over the years because I forgot where I placed the one I was loosing.

The Starface Big Yellow Reffiable Compact comfortably holds multiple types of patches, and the built-in mirror allows for quick and accurate patch application when I’m away from my vanity. It is also rather cute which does not hurt!

Pros and Cons


  • Cute and visually appealing design
  • Effectively stores and organizes patches, reducing the risk of losing them
  • Built-in mirror adds convenience and functionality for on-the-go application


  • Not a must-have product for everyone
  • May require trimming of patch foils from other brands to fit


To sum it up, the Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact is a charming and practical way of storing pimple patches. Its whimsical design and functional features enhance its appeal, but it’s not necessarily an essential purchase for every skincare aficionado.

When weighing the pros and cons, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. If you’re a frequent user of pimple patches or value a more organized skincare routine, the Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact might be worth considering. On the other hand, if you don’t rely heavily on patches or have an alternative storage system in place, the compact may not be an essential addition to your collection. Also, like I mentioned above the pacthes can be pruchases reseperalty from the compact so not wanting the compact is not impediment in yout rying the products out.

Based on my own experience, I recommend giving the Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact a shot if you’re looking for a fun and functional way to store and transport your pimple patches. Happy patching!

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What do you think of the Starface Big Yellow Refillable Compact?

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