LOOKFANTASTIC Extraordinary Beauty Edit (worth over £228)

Are you ready to indulge in a beauty extravaganza this holiday season? LookFantastic has just launched their extraordinary beauty box, the Extraordinary Beauty Edit, and it’s packed with 6 luxurious treats from top brands like Estée Lauder, Bobbi Brown, OLAPLEX, and more. With a total value of over £228, this special edition beauty box is a steal at just £60. Get ready to fulfill your beauty fantasies and treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate pampering experience.

LOOKFANTASTIC Extraordinary Beauty Edit Contents

  • OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector 100ml (full-size) – worth £28
  • Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Gel-Crème 15ml (full-size) – worth £52
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in shade ‘Powder Pink’ (full-size) – worth £27
  • Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Scented Candle 290g (full-size) – worth £24.50
  • Oskia Isotonic Hydra Serum 30ml (full-size) – worth £64
  • Helena Rubinstein Age Recovery Night 5ml (deluxe size) – worth £33

LOOKFANTASTIC Extraordinary Beauty Edit Price and Value

The new beauty box from LookFantastic is worth over £228 but can be yours for just £60!

LOOKFANTASTIC Extraordinary Beauty Edit Comments

The LookFantastic Extraordinary Beauty Edit is truly an incredible collection of beauty delights. This carefully curated box includes a range of products that cater to various beauty needs, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded experience.

First up, we have the OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector, a full-size product worth £28. This hair treatment is a game-changer for those seeking to repair and strengthen their locks. Its innovative formula works to reduce breakage and restore the health and vitality of your hair, leaving it feeling soft and lustrous. You know that I swear by this one!

Another gem in this beauty box is the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Gel-Crème. Valued at £52 for the full-size 15ml jar, this eye cream is a must-have for those looking to combat signs of fatigue and aging around the delicate eye area. It hydrates, brightens, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a refreshed and youthful look. Incorporating this into your nightly skincare routine can make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your eyes.

For a touch of color, the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in shade ‘Powder Pink’ is included in this box. This full-size cream blush, valued at £27, is a versatile product that can be used on both the cheeks and lips. Its creamy texture blends effortlessly, providing a natural flush of color that lasts all day. Whether you prefer a subtle hint of color or a bolder look, this product allows for easy customization.

Creating a soothing ambiance is made possible with the Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Scented Candle. Valued at £24.50, this full-size 290g candle fills your space with a calming fragrance inspired by ancient Ayurvedic traditions. Its warm and inviting scent creates an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. Light this candle during your self-care rituals or whenever you want to create a serene environment.

The star of this beauty box is undoubtedly the Oskia Isotonic Hydra Serum. Valued at £64 for the full-size 30ml bottle, this serum is a hydration powerhouse. Packed with essential nutrients and hyaluronic acid, it quenches your skin’s thirst and leaves your complexion plump, radiant, and ready to take on the day. If you struggle with dry or dehydrated skin, this product can work wonders for restoring moisture and improving the overall texture of your skin.

Lastly, the Helena Rubinstein Age Recovery Night in a deluxe 5ml size, worth £33, is an indulgent treat for your skin. This night cream works overnight to repair and rejuvenate, leaving you with a more youthful and revitalized complexion. While the deluxe size may not last as long as a full-size product, it provides an opportunity to experience the luxurious benefits of this cream before committing to a larger size.

In conclusion, the LookFantastic Extraordinary Beauty Edit offers a fantastic range of products that cater to various beauty needs. Whether you’re looking to repair damaged hair, rejuvenate tired eyes, add a pop of color to your makeup routine, create a relaxing atmosphere, or hydrate your skin, this box has you covered. Each product is carefully chosen for its effectiveness and value, making it a worthwhile investment for any beauty enthusiast. Consider your individual needs and concerns when selecting which products to incorporate into your beauty routine.

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2 thoughts on “LOOKFANTASTIC Extraordinary Beauty Edit (worth over £228)

  1. That’s a really nice edit and the price is great. I’m not a fan of the Oskia serum, it was very sticky and I couldn’t wait to finish it. Can’t say it did a tremendously good job. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t notable to make me think about buying it again despite its texture. It does have a fantastic ingredient list, though.
    I’m positively surprised with the Estee Lauder cream. I checked its INCI and it’s really good, unlike Lancome or Armani. So is actually Helena Rubinstein although that one is not that great.
    And the pot from Bobbi Brown is a nice change.
    Not getting it, though. Waiting for my StyleKorean calendar. Did you get an email about delayed shipment too?

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It might not seem like it but there are more people reading these comments 🙂 I am sure it helps them as well!

      Yes, I did get the email and found it a tad strange but hopefully it all goes wells never had any issues with the retailer in the past.

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