Johnson’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads

This post might seem strange and perhaps it could not come at a worst time. For those of who you are not aware, Johnson and Johnson is being sued and as such, the company is under a lot of scrutiny over their baby powder. Personally, I threw the one bottle I got a few weeks ago straight into the trash. Maybe you want to do the same?

However, despite this fact, I have not stopped using the product I want to talk about today. I know what I am asking, but hear me out.

Also, before we go any further, I want to mention the fact that I have no knowledge of the product discussed here being mentioned anywhere in the lawsuit against J&J.

Of course, it is up to you whether you decide to get the product mentioned here or use it.

Johnson’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads Review

Not sure about you, but removing eye makeup is that one thing I dread the most. More often than not, I used to use the same cleanser that I used on my face. However that did not cut it once I started wearing more makeup. Not only I shouldn’t use the same product as it is not meant to removing makeup from the eye area, but it is not gentle enough either. So I started looking into eye makeup remover products.

I tried several bottles of high end, drugstore and even Instagram loved products, but none of them were IT. Eye specific products seemed to be harsher on my eyes than regular cleaning ones. My eyes were always puffy and red after removing makeup, even when using products for sensitive eyes.

Then, one day I ventured into my local Boots (can I still call it local when I no longer leave there?) and found a plain looking jar from Johnson & Johnson. At the time, I was on a trip to London in order to attend an event at my university and of course the Glamour Beauty Festival and only had a few products on me. I tried to keep my stash small just in case. I had a few too many products anyway, as it turned out… My beauty haul from that trip combined with the goody bag from the event was so big that we had to buy an extra suitcase. It happens more often than I care to admit! So beware if you ever end up travelling with me.

Anyway, I found a jar of the gentle eye makeup remover pads and decided to buy it. It was cheap enough that I could throw it out if it was bad and it was something I actually needed and benefited from during the trip.

Let’s just say that I have been using  Johnson’s gentle eye makeup remover pads ever since I found them in a Boots in Kensington.

johnson gentle eye makeup remover padsIMG_6998

Why? The pads are incredibly thick. I have used this type of product before, sure not for the eye area, but for the face and the pads were significantly thinner. I was honestly surprised. I was also pleasantly surprised as well. I hate it when a pad tears apart as I am using it. I even tried pulling it to see whether I could rip it apart and no dice.

The gentle eye makeup remover pads are even thicker than the cotton pads I buy so from this regard I was happy to have found the product. Also, the pad is not super fluffy and since it does not tear, you don’t end up with fluff all over. In short, you can use the pad all you want and it still stays in one piece.

However, what surprised the most is just how effective and good Johnson’s gentle eye makeup remover pads really are. The pads help you remove every last trace of makeup with ease. You just need to press for a few seconds and the swipe. Makeup simply comes off without having to rub at your eyes like crazy.

Plus, the product is gentle. I never experienced red eyes or puffy eyes from this product. More than just that, the product does not leave the skin feeling dry nor leaves it greasy.

On the jar it says to use one pad per eye, but I usually use just one – one side for one eye and then turn the pad around.

Not sure what more can one want. I don’t really need anything else.

I do wish the product were a bit more eco friendly, but I would be more of less in the same situation if I were to buy a liquid product and use my own cotton pads. I cannot see myself ever using a cloth for eye makeup removal.

Overall, I do recommend Johnson’s gentle eye makeup remover pads as they truly are the best eye makeup remover product that I have come across so far. The product feels nice on the skin and it is incredibly gentle and still effective. Good enough for me.

Where can you buy Johnson’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads?

Boots UK (Half price at the time of writing)

Do you have a favourite eye makeup remover?


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