Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift Jumbo


Getting my hands on some Trish McEvoy products is rare, but usually the wait is so worth it. Is that the case when it comes to the Instant Eye Lift Jumbo? Read and find out. 

The Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift Jumbo is a light weight, hyaluronic acid enhanced and brightening concealer. Personally, I am not a huge fan of concealers, but there have been some that managed to convince me other time. One such concealer is the Stretch Concealer from Glossier. Will this Instant Lift Eye Jumbo by Trish McEvoy be another? 


Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift Jumbo Review

My first impressions of the Instant Eye Lift from Trish McEvoy are pretty good. The concealer, just like the Glossier one, does not cling to your lines which does not happen often. For that fact alone, I am super happy to have gotten my hands on this beauty.

The concealer is easy to apply, however it takes a while to set it so you need to blend it pretty well in order for it to look flawless. Furthermore, the light capturing particles that the product claims to have do seem to work pretty well as the Instant Eye Lift Jumbo does brighten the under eye area and makes you eyes pop and seem more awake. However, the hyaluronic acid does no seem to do much. There is barely any plumping which is a bit disappointing. Update: No change even after extensive use.


The product is overall great. I have reached for this product time and time again since I first received it back in autumn in the Liberty Beauty advent Calendar. Personally, as someone who does not use concealer on a regular basis, I will probably not repurchase it. However, for the first time maybe, that is not because the product is not good enough. I just do not see myself getting enough value to justify the purchase.

Also, the concealer comes only in two shades which is pretty unheard of nowadays. However, those two shades do seem to be pretty versatile and as such work on a large range of skin tones. Remember, this product from Trish McEvoy is more for brightening rather than covering. Still, they should make more shades to ensure that everyone is represented.

Overall, the only drawbacks I can find are the shade range as well as the ineffective use of hyaluronic acid. While for me the product might work incredibly well as I am quite fair, it might not work for everyone and that is a shame and quite frankly, pretty unacceptable.

If you do want a product such as this one and you know that you are going to get your money’s worth in use, then go for it. I do recommend it. But like I said, this is not something I see myself repurchasing as I know I won’t use it enough.

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