Fans of CYO Cosmetics: Rejoice!

It has been a few months since my last news article on BlushSuede and a couple of years since I shared the news that the fan favorite drugstore makeup brand carried exclusively by Boots – CYO Cosmetics – was being discontinued.

You might wonder why did I feel the need to bring up this upsetting event up again after all this time. Don’t worry. It is not my favorite pastime to be the bearer of bad news nor to upset people. I had a good reason – while there is no official news on the CYO front, Boots started offering some bundles of the products as well as restocking some of their previous offerings.

The CYO Cosmetics went on sale around the time when it was becoming clear that the brand was trying to get rid all of its stock. During that major sell off, I also purchased quite a bit of everything as did many of you and other fans of the brand. As such, many of the cult products from the brand stopped being available and/or some shades were no longer in stock. As it happens…

This is one of the reasons why I only shared a few reviews. I no longer saw the point. Also, for the same reason I never mentioned the fact that I agree with many fans of the brand and that the foundation is incredible. The £3 or so foundation is one of the best I ever tried. Truth be told, I did not dare to admit it to myself just how much I love the product. Most shades have been sold out for so long now, but surprise surprise, I just saw that some are back in stock. While it is no reason to hope as there is no news on this front, it is a good moment to pick up some more products. I highly recommend you do so as we have no way of knowing until a press release starts making the rounds whether this is a comeback or something else. Take advantage though if this opportunity as we don’t really know whether there will be more.

Hope you found this little bit of news as exciting as I have. It would be amazing to have CYO Cosmetics back especially since the brand is not only pretty alright with some incredible gems, but also because it is super affordable and after having been forced to give up so much unused expensive makeup, I don’t see myself going back to luxurious makeup anytime soon. This last bit might might be quite an unpopular stance on the topic which makes sense. After not using makeup for so long, people will want to go all out, but personally it made me realize just how much of it is wasted and if you can get high quality items, items that can truly compete with some more expensive ones and get them for less than a fiver, why shouldn’t you? Then again, I keep my makeup super light so there is that.

Shop CYO Cosmetics here.

Are you planning on stocking up on some more CYO Cosmetics products? Are you a fan of the brand?

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