Oh My Cream Skincare x Soeur Summer Beauty Bag

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned Oh My Cream, but they are back with a new beauty offer and I just had to share it. Not only did they release a couple of new own brand ranges since the last time we talked about them, but the included some of their new launches in this beauty offer. That is quite unexpected (not because people do not wish to see them or do not have certain expectations to see them in such offers, but mostly because experience kinda tells us that chances are slim of that happening). Anyway, enough rambling as you’ve gotten enough of that this past week (seriously have no idea what was wrong with me) and let’s talk about this new beauty summer kit from Oh My Cream.

Also, for those of you who might be unfamiliar with Oh My Cream, Oh My Cream (strange name choice btw!) is a clean beauty boutique retailer from France. The best part though is that they ship internationally. I placed my first order with them around 8-10 months ago when they released their own version of an advent calendar and had a pleasant experience. Top notch, I would say. If you want to learn more about my experience shopping with them, here are the details.

Oh My Cream Skincare x Soeur Summer Bag Contents

Oh My Cream Cleansing Oil – 30ml

Oh My Cream Cleansing Gel – 50ml

Oh My Cream Exfoliating Powder – 12g

Oh My Cream Facial Oil

Oh My Cream Shower Gel – 50ml

Oh My Cream Shampoo – 50ml

Oh My Cream Hydrating Body Milk – 50ml

Oh My Cream Toothpaste?

Oh My Cream Sunscreen SPF 50+ – 50ml


The beauty bag is priced at €70 and it ships internationally. The kit is available for purchase now here.


The first thing I will address in this section is the most obvious one. I haven’t included a value for the first time ever I believe. The reason for that is because that not only did the brand did not provide one, but also because I have some doubts about the sizes of some of the products. I based the above sizes based on what I could read in the photo so some might be slightly inaccurate. This made me rethink my decision to showcase this beauty kit, I have to say. However, Oh My Cream is a brand that needs and most of all deserves a bit more attention. For some reason the brand is not that well known within France, let alone outside of it. As an outsider, that is how I perceive it at least and also I do not get why that is. If anyone has any insight in regards to this, do share.

Oh My Cream is a brand that impressed me from the first time I tried it. Not only did the shopping experience with Oh My Cream the retailer was impressive, but the Oh My Cream beauty brand is pretty neat as well. Their cleansers are incredible and their cream cleanser is now one of my absolute favourite such products in the market. Their products are incredibly gentle to the skin, but they do their job really well. The products are simple, elegant and I am not talking just about their packaging which is also beautiful, I am talking about the actual products. The one thing I did notice though is that same with most other clean beauty brands, the products go bad quite fast -i.e 6 or so months after opening. This is not necessarily what is stated on each of the bottles or jars (I do not know exactly how long each product is supposed to last on top of my head), but my experience tells me that 6 months is more than enough to keep the products as they do contain some sort of oil – apricot oil, among others, and it starts smelling off after a while. Okay, maybe I answered my own question here. but the products are actually good or at least worth a shot. Personally, I enjoy them and I will state it here as well – I am not sponsored by the brand nor do I profit in any way from this post, not even if you make a purchase. I just like the brand.

Overall, I like this kit even though I am not sold on the toiletries bag at all, but the idea that you get to try a little bit from every category of products from Oh My Cream beauty brand is appealing to me. I do recommend giving it a shot. Also, with every order you get a pouch of samples so more goodies to try!

Have you ever tried anything from Oh My Cream?

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