Oh My Cream Shopping Experience

This is long overdue, but I, like the rest of the world have spent my days with one ear paying attention to CNN and with the other glued to my work laptop. It has been exhausting, but totally worth it. Now, it is time to get back to work and by work, I mean this blog and share with you my experience with shopping at the French retailer Oh My Cream.

What is Oh My Cream?

Oh My Cream is a boutique, French, beauty retailer that focuses on clean beauty. The retailer offers both products from their in house brand – Oh My Cream, but also from others such as Susanne Kaufmann, Ilia, Patyka, Olio e Osso and more.

The retailer has an online shop that offers international shipping as well as many brick and mortar shops in France.

Ordering process

Ordering from the retailer was super easy. You just place the order as you normally would on any other website and then checkout. No issues were incurred at checkout and the process was straightforward. I was also able to choose the type of delivery I wanted.

I went through the entire process by trying my French skills (sadly, the language I am less proficient in from all the others that I speak), but the website also offers an English version which I so did not see while I was placing my order from my phone… I wish I had though, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.


The retailer offers various delivery options and it all depends on where you are shopping from. For French customers, delivery is free if you spend €60 or more, but that is not the case for the rest of the EU or the world.

For my order, I was given two delivery options – a standard delivery and an express delivery choice with DHL. The express delivery and standard delivery were incredibly similar in cost, there was maybe ¢50 difference in between the two so I chose the express delivery option. However, I believe that the express delivery was subsidised based on my order amount of €150.

The delivery itself ran smoothly. The order arrived in less than 48 hours after it was processed. I feel like it might have arrived sooner though. Not sure what happened, but I was given a tracking code that remained invalid for around 24 hours. I reached out to customer service and then it started working even though they let me know that it usually takes 2-3 days for it to become active which seemed a bit odd given that fact that express shipping via DHL should take 1-2 days overall. It never happened before either. I got the feeling that the code was generated, but the parcel was not actually handed to the courier when I assumed it was.

Once the tracking code started working, the parcel moved really fast through various European countries and arrived in about 22 hours.

The parcel was in one piece and contained a minimal amount of bubble wrap. I did not expect the bubble wrap, I am a bit on the fence about it, but I do realise that it protects parcels much better than most paper. I am glad that it was not a huge amount though. It was the bare necessary.

Delivery costs will deepen on the amount of your order and location. More info is available here.

Customer service

As I mentioned above, I reached out to customer service as I was a bit concerned about my parcel, however the team was super nice and very helpful. I appreciated that.

One thing I should mention is that the retailer apparently does not offer customer service support through social media. I tried reaching out through Instagram and they redirected me to their website/email address. That is completely fine and at least they were super nice about it.

The response on both platforms was pretty quick. In 2-3 hours I heard back from a representative despite initially receiving the classic auto-reply with them being busy and all that.

Additional information

I received a small pouch filled with samples. I received 7 samples which was quite nice from the retailer to include. I am happy actually as the samples are all very useful – most were for Oh My Cream products, but also got one for a foundation, one for a body cream as well as a toothpaste in travel size. Since I am nor familiar with the Oh My Cream brand, I am actually curious to try the samples and see what the products are like. I know that I got some products from the brand in my order, but still…

Based on my order amount I also got a tote bag with the same patterned as the pouch shown above.

Overall, I am happy with the ordering process, the delivery and the retailer. This is a retailer that I am looking forward to shop at again. Not only does the retailer offer high quality clean beauty products, but also brands that I am honestly unfamiliar with, brands I have not seen in other stores I have access to in the United Kingdom or other EU countries. For far, I am happy to have discovered this retailer and the brands it carries. I look forward to shopping more at Oh My Cream and hope to see some value kits or gifts with purchase in the future.

Okay, so what I have been trying to get across and hopefully succeeded is that the Oh My Cream website is legit and seems safe to shop. It is worth a try. If you have any experience with the retailer, let us know below!

Shop Oh My Cream here.

Have you ever ordered from Oh My Cream? What was your experience like?

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    Looks really nice. I’m glad to read that your experience was good. Hopefully they will not mess with pricing and currencies like Niche Beauty did.

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