Liberty hands Down Beauty KIt

Liberty is back with a new beauty kit, but a rather peculiar one, if we can call it that. This particular kit focuses on all things hands. I have to say the the kit is quite unexpected and yet not so much. However, I do feel that if they wanted to do one of these kits, they should have done so sooner or at least during the colder seasons. It is not that such a kit is not needed at any time, but I feel like our hands needed the most TLC when we were abusing hand sanitisers or trying various ones to see which one harms our hands the least or during the colder months when our skin would crack from the winter winds.

Hands Down Kit Contents

PATCHOLOGY Perfect Ten Hand Mask

QMS Medicosmetics Replenishing Protection Hand Cream 75ml

Augustinus Bader Hand Sanitiser 50ml

Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File

Kester Black Nail Polish in Petal

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion 75ml

Liberty Small Washbag in Strawberry Thief

Price and Value

This beauty kit from Liberty is priced at £35 which has to mean that this is the most affordable kit they’ve rebased so far and it has a value of £106.

The kit is availble now and can be purchased from here.

UK only.


This time around I said quite a lot in the intro, you know, for a change…I did not mean to let it all out, but I have to say that I did not see this kit coming. It feels so unlike Liberty. Are they running out of ideas? Do they have way too much Margaret Dabbs stock they need to get rid of and found another excuse? I am being mean right now, I am sorry! But seriously now, Margaret Dabbs is a brand that Liberty just loves to include everywhere. I cannot recall there being an advent calendar or beauty gift with purchase that did not feature this particular brand. Also, most of the previous kits also featured it. People, it is not that great! However, I am sure you do not actually need to tell you that as chances are that if you ever shopped at Liberty, you already have one or more of the brand’s items. Look, I am not hating on the brand. There is no reason to as the brand is not awful or anything, but it is not amazing either. Spice things up, Liberty!

Let’s be honest here, who actually buys these kits because they loved all the products and ran out of them so they want to take advantage of this incredible price deal? Probably very few people. We get them to try new stuff and I am sure that Liberty knows this which is why I do not get why they are hell bend on repeating some stuff over and over again, well not unless they are actually trying to get rid of the stock… I am beginning to sound like someone who believes every conspiracy theory ever, don’t I?. I really don’t just so we are clear.

Okay, so besides my not quite annoyance at having seen the Margaret Dabbs products included here, I do not really have anything else to say expect that QMS hand creams are incredible. They are velvety and leave no greasy residues. They make your hands super soft and are a joy to use. I am being serious right now. Also, if you were ever interested in trying the hand sanitiser from Augustinus Bader this is the way to do it. I have yet to find a product from the brand that is worth purchasing and I believe I tried them all except for the hand sanitiser. I am not saying they do not work or that they are not great, but they are severely overpriced and they have a shorter than average shelf life or I am just the idiot who does not know how to store them. Never had such issues with other brands though.

Overall, this is a nice kit and one that can provide quite a bit of value both to people who love having super soft hands (who doesn’t) and those who actually suffer from skin conditions (myself included). That is what is brilliant about this kit and evil at the same time :). However, I do find the timing quite odd, but this kit is a nice gift to give to someone or keep for yourself. It is not as nice as some of the other skincare kits nor as impressing, but it is useful.

Grab the Hands Down Kit here.

What do you think of this new kit?

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