MDo by Simon Ourian MD – Ampoules Discovery Set Review

While I do have something exciting coming up, I decided to go with this beauty review until the news on the other offer officially breaks. Spoiler alert: one of our favourite retailers, one I had a major dispute in the past is dropping something cute soon. I am being a tad evil right now, however don’t worry. As soon as I have the go ahead, I will let you know what I am going on about. In the meantime, I wanted to talk about another product that I got as part of a beauty gift with purchase. The following kit was part of the Summer Bag from Niche Beauty and I just had to try it as soon as I received it. Can you really blame me?

Here are my thoughts on the the MDO Ampoules Discovery Set by Simon Ourian MD.

MDO Ampoules Discovery Set Review

You might have noticed that I haven’t really talked abut ampoules of any kind on this blog before. The reason for that is because I haven’t really tried that many. I know that some of you swear by them, but personally i always thought they were too expensive to give them a shot aka to purchase them outright. However, after giving some a try late last year when I received them in a beauty advent calendar, I made it my mission (not quite, but close) to take advantage of any opportunity to try some more. They made that big of an impact! Those tiny little vials are impressive in terms of what they can do.

Truth be told, I had no idea that MDO even existed. I had not heard of this brand before so I do not really know whether it was new or whether I simply wasn’t paying attention. Perhaps a bit of both? Faults and all, one thing I knew is that if I got this from Niche Beauty then it must be a luxurious brand and right I was. However, not only does the brand want to come across as luxurious by pricing their products as such, but the quality of the products feels top notch. The attention to some details such as the inclusion of a vial opener is also very well received. The vials are easy to break (they are made of glass btw) by hand, but why not use an opener just to be on the safe side?

The discovery set I received contained three vials: a Vitamin C one, and EGF one and a HA filler one. The discovery set basically contained a little bit of everything you could possibly need and that is available on the market. It was a balanced set that gave me the chance to try the products I would most likely go for were I to make a purchase.

As I mentioned above, I do not have much experience with such products and yet given what I’ve seen ampoules do and what I’ve heard from you, I had high expectations from the MDO ampoules. They delivered. The product in each vial is high quality, but most of all, it is effective.

The Vitamin C left my skin glowy and to my surprise the product did not bother me at all. I rarely get along with Vitamin C and this one was pretty alright, definitely something I would use in the future if I had to include Vitamin C to my routine.

The EGF ampoule did a great job at tightening my skin, however it was not the strongest EGF product I tried which was a bit of a surprise as ampoules in general tend to be way stronger/powerful effect wise. However, there are actual EGF serums that in my opinion were more effective at smoothing out fine lines. As such, you can imagine that I would rather go with a serum than these ampoules as in that way you get more product for your money. However, the quality was great nonetheless.

The HA filler ampoule is without a doubt amazing on the other hand. I cannot say that I have used better ones, but this ampoule is something I am considering purchasing. The ampoule is effective and it left my skin super hydrated, glowing and healthy looking. This is something I really want to include in my routine when it needs a boost.

I made a few comments above which I will talk more about now. I mentioned that the HA ampoules are not the best ones I tried and yet that I would repurchase them. Yes, that is indeed the case. However, the other ampoules I tried were twice the price of these ones and they were not twice as effective. Quality wise, there is little difference between these ones and the those from the other brand (the other brand being Susanne Kaufmann). The EGF ones were also good, but one, EGF is not necessarily my favourite type of product and two, I did not find them worth it. As for Vitamin C, they get a “yes” for me.

All good so far, but there is one thing that not even MDO got right. They should either make the vials smaller or they should come with a reusable cap. The vials have 2ml of product, but that is way too much. No matter how much I try, I cannot get that much product into my skin at one time. I shared these with my mother, but normally they would be for one person and leaving them open for 12 or so hours or even 24 hours or more is not something I would like to do. If I were to leave even for a few hours, I am sure I would somehow end up dropping them and wasting the remaining product. This seems to be a recurring problem across such product though. That is too bad as the point of using ampoule is to get a boost from time to time. The key here being ‘time to time’.

Overall, I do recommend these ampoules from MDO by Simon Ourian MD. Yeah are the perfect luxurious ampoules both quality wise, but also price wise. Again, I do not have much experience with such products, but I really enjoyed these ones.

Where can you purchase the MDO Ampoules from?

Cult Beauty

MDO by Simon Ourian MD

Niche Beauty

What is your opinion of skincare ampoules?

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