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Glossier Clear Lip Gloss

My relationship with Glossier hasn’t been a smooth one, to say the least. I got my first ever Glossier products when the brand first started shipping in the United Kingdom. Like many, I was curious to try the IG cult brand. Can you blame me?

Things did not go all that well. There haven’t really been many products from the brand that actually managed to impress me. However, I kept trying and trying just to try and understand why so many are obsessed with the products.

One product that managed to catch and maintain my attention is the Glossier Stretch Concealer. Is the Glossier Clear Lip Gloss another? Read and find out.

glossier lip gloss

Glossier Clear Lip Gloss Review

The Glossier Clear Lip Gloss is just a plain lip gloss at first sight. There is nothing special about it when you just look at it. However, things are a bit different when you actually try it on.

The Glossier Lip Gloss has one of the best applicators I have ever seen. The applicator is easy to use and as the brand claims, it does indeed pick up just the right amount of product. Not only that, but it actually helps you spread the product evenly without going outside the lines of your lips.

Sounds good right?

It really is. Furthermore, the gloss is well, very glossy, but not at all sticky. The product might stick to your lips, but your lips do not stick together much. I don’t want to say that your lips do not stick at all as that is not my experience. They usually don’t, but sometimes they do just a bit. However, the level of stickiness is significantly lower than the one of the regular lip gloss. So if stickiness is a concern, then this might just be the product for you.

In addition, you should note that the lip gloss feels nice on the lips and that it does not have a strong fragrance.

All good so far, but…

Look, the Glossier lip gloss might be really good and looks very pretty, however the tube is the smallest tube of lip gloss I have ever seen. The clear lip gloss from Glossier comes in a 4.2 ml tube and that is tiny! Sure, the tube is easy to hold and it fits everywhere. You really don’t need to carry around a product that is bigger than this, however the price is just too high for the amount of product you are getting.

The Glossier Lip Gloss is priced at Β£11. Usually that is okay for a really good lip gloss, but the issue here is that you can get others that are more or less on the same level for less money while also get more product. You really are paying for the brand name here.

Furthermore, I did not find the gloss as nourishing as it claims to be and the staying power is not that amazing either. After talking for around 20 minutes, the product was gone and as you can imagine I did not talk the entire time either. Okay, that is hard to believe, but I really did not!

Overall, I do like the Glossier Lip Gloss. I don’t regret my purchase which is quite surprising when it comes to the brand. However, I am not really in a hurry to repurchase the product. Sure, I still have some product left but in general I don’t see myself repurchasing it anyway. There are many other products out there that I want to try. I would try the newly released Red and Holographic versions of this gloss though.

Where can you buy Glossier’s Lip Gloss?

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Have you tried the Glossier Lip Gloss? What did YOU think?


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    1. Nana

      I know! It does look pretty though. It was really hard to write a conclusion for the post as I do like it, but when combined with the price…ColourPop all the way.

    1. Nana

      Well, there have been a few products from them that I did not think were all that great, but usually yes. They do have amazing products and are worth the money.

  1. Julia Alexandra

    Never tried Glossier but sounds pretty amazing! Too bad it doesn’t last. πŸ™ I had the same problem with a liquid lipstick from Sleek. It always lasted for almost a day but the last one I bought I think was from a poor batch, it was gone in less than an hour, major difference. Thank you for the article, really helpful! <3

    1. Nana

      Glad you found the article useful. The main issue with Glossier is that the products are pretty expensive and the value you get for your money is not quite enough. There are some good products, not all, but some. However like it was mentioned in other comments, brands such as ColourPop offer more value for way less. There are a few other brands more similar in price to Glossier and still offer more value so stay tuned πŸ™‚ thank you for stopping by!

  2. molly

    I really wanna give this a go but the price tag is very high for such little product – considering how many times gloss needs reapplied! A great gloss I’ve tried recently is actually the E.L.F Jelly Pop glosses, there’s absolutely no stickiness to them! truly the smoothest gloss I’ve tried, plus I think it only cost me around the Β£5 mark!

    1. Nana

      I ordered it a while ago, just waiting for it to be delivered. Curious to see whether I will have the same positive experience. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. β™‘ 𝔧 𝔒 𝔫 𝔫 𝔦 β™‘

    I love Glossier, but I have to agree, some of their products are really hit or miss. I mean, just look at their websites product reviews. Pretty much all of them are 50/50. Great post!β™‘

  4. AmandaSushma

    I was on the fence about purchasing this because of the price. You’re right, there are a lot more glosses out there for the same price with more product. I’m loving my Fenty Gloss Bomb, but I wanted to try a more natural gloss. Ah, the search continues. Great post!

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