Percy & Reed Perfecting Wonder Balm Review

The Percy and Reed wonder Balm was included as the 15th product in the Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar. However, this is a product that I have been using for years. Most notably, I used this product on my graduation day back in 2017. However, I have it in my hair even now as I am writing this. Talk about about history with a product!?

Perfecting Wonder Balm Review

The Wonder Balm from Percy and Reed is an after shampooing primer. The product has a thick, slightly sticky consistency and a slight fragrance that is not overpowering, nor unpleasant, but it is very similar of the fragrance found in other Percy and Reed hair products. I cannot describe the fragrance in more detail as I honestly do not know what I could even compare it to. It just smells like haircare, if that makes any sense.

Okay, but what is the product supposed to do and does it actually do it?

This balm from Percy and Reed creates the perfect base for the rest of your haircare products, more specifically for your styling products. I don’t want any confusion so I felt the need to specify that. It also enhances your style and makes your hair more glossy and manageable at the same time. It is almost like a primer; not for your face, but for your hair.

Does it work though?

From my intro, you can assume that it does. However, things are not quite so simple.

When it comes to those with short hair, you might find this product  life saver. This is an amazing balm that gives your hair a bit of texture and makes seem a bit more voluminous as well as helps you maintain your hairstyle. You can apply it on its own and you could find that that is enough. It almost acts like a mousse, but without the stickiness and it does not really harden the hair making it hard to comb through.

The story is a bit different when it comes to mid-length to long hair. The balm is pretty great at helping you detangle your hair as the balm is applied when the hair is wet. In this case, it also makes the hair a bit more fluffy/ give sit more volume. However, the volume does not always last. If you use it on its own, you need to hope for low humidity as otherwise the hair tends to lose its shape. If the weather is really nice, you might get away with using the Wonder Balm on its own. However, it does indeed work best when used in combination with other hair styling products.

In all cases, the Wonder Balm gives the hair more volume and makes it look prettier overall. It also makes the hair glossy, but not sticky. However, those with longer hair need some extra help from other styling products. That should not be considered as a criticism though as after all the Wonder Balm is actually a primer rather than a styling product per se.

All in all, the Wonder Balm is a product that I think everyone needs to try. There were times when I absolutely loved this product and others when I was a bit disappointed in it. The way it works and whether it works at all really depends on your hair, on its quality and on its length and of course on the other products you are using. For the most part, I obtained great results from this product, but there were times when it failed me. However like I mention above, it really depends on your hair at a specific moment in time. Chemistry changes and all that…. But I do recommend you try this product and who knows, it might just work wonders on your hair.


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