SHOW Beauty Decadance Hair Fragrance

SHOW Beauty Decadance Hair Fragrance

A few years back I was completely obsessed with the idea of a hair fragrance. I love fragrance and thought that hair fragrance would be even better. The scent stays on for longer when applied to the hair and regular fragrance damages hair so I needed a solution, thus the reason why I wanted hair fragrance. Back then, there were not many options on the market and thus I found SHOW.

SHOW Beauty was a huge thing back then, out of the sudden it popped up everywhere. Every major retailer included one of the products in their beauty boxes and gifts with purchase. Subscription box services also included some of the products in many of their boxes. I ended up with quite the collection of products from this expensive haircare brand. One such product was the hair fragrance obviously! There was no way I would not try it.

It has been a while since I got my first bottle, but now is the perfect time to review it, I would say. The SHOW Beauty Decadance Hair Fragrance is the 14th product in the Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar.

SHOW Beauty Decadance Hair Fragrance

SHOW Beauty Decadance Hair Fragrance Review

Now this is going to be a long discussion and a short review. My relationship with SHOW Beauty is not a great one. Like I said above. the brand has been included basically everywhere and I ended up with a huge collection, but I never said I liked it, did I? Well, it is a long story so for now I am going to focus on this specific product. I don’t do false advertising. So if the name of this article says Hair Fragrance, then that is what we are going to talk about.

The SHOW Beauty Decadance Hair Fragrance is a fragrance that was formulated specifically for your hair and by a major haircare brand. I really appreciate the fact that they released a hair fragrance, I truly do! Not many brands have done this and there is a true gap on the market as far as I am concerned.

Once again, hair fragrance is usually long lasting and does not ruin your hair. So if you are fond of fragrances and want to get a real whiff of the scent all day long then hair fragrance is something you should try. Is the SHOW Beauty one that should be on the list?

It depends.

I would say no, but hear me out. Not everyone will agree with this and the reason why that is is because fragrance is very personal. So now the long story. Well, the longer story.

The SHOW Beauty Dacadance hair fragrance has a really decadent scent. That is definitely not a lie. The fragrance is strong and heavy. If you’ve used any of the brand’s products before, then you already know it. The fragrance smells almost exactly as every single one of the products the brand created. But is that a good thing?

For me, that is really not a good thing. I tried time and time again to get behind the scent and I cannot. There have not been many scents out there that I dislike, but this one is truly one of them. This is not the case of the scent not being one I would wear, there are many of those. This is the situation in which the scent bothers me. I don’t want to be cruel here as I am sure that someone spent hours a lab trying to create it, but it just does not work for me. Maybe the reason why that is is because it seems more like something haircare should smell like and not like an actual fragrance? Other brands since then have came out with their own fragrances, especially fragrance brands and those are pretty incredible when it comes to scent. This one is not, as far as I am concerned.

If you like it then that is your business. (I seem to be way too bitchy today! I am really sorry.) To each their own, fragrance is very personal so I get that.

In terms of quality though, the hair fragrance from SHOW Beauty is long staying which is great. It also does not change much throughout the day and the scent remains mostly consistent. It does not seem to be affected by environmental scents that much which I can appreciate. In addition, I found that the fragrance is sort of nourishing. Not sure whether that is the right word, but the idea is that the scent does not ruin the hair and it can even leave it felling a tad softer.

Overall, I cannot really say whether you should buy this product or not. I don’t like it at all. I cannot stand the scent as it really bothers me, but I might be inclined to try another hair fragrance from the brand if they were to come out with one. I think in terms of quality, the quality is definitely there. But for this particular product, given the price and the scent, I would not buy it willingly ever again.


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