Regenerate Toothpaste

It seems that I am reviewing more and more oral hygiene products. However, this year they have been included in nearly every beauty advent calendar. The toothpaste I want to talk about today was included in the ASOS Face and Body advent calendar as the 16th product.

Before moving forward, I want to stress since again that I get that dental hygiene is super personal. In addition. I am not a specialist.

Regenerate ToothPaste Review

The Regenerate toothpaste has made its way into Boots and then other stores a few years back. The brand has an entire range of product meant to help you improve and strengthen the enamel on your teeth. The reason why this is important is because the enamel is the layer that protects your teeth,  if I am to put it in layman terms. Again, any specialists feel free to correct me. This is definitely not my area of expertise!

As I was saying, the entire Regenerate brand is created around this idea of strengthening your enamel and your teeth thus making them stronger and healthier. Before I talk about my experience with the product, I want to talk about some of the general characteristics of this toothpaste such as taste etc.

So the Regenerate toothpaste is minty, but not overly so. I don’t know about you, but I have come across some dental products that are so minty that I cannot handle them. They burn my mouth. This is not one of them. The Regenerate toothpaste is the right amount of minty to leave you with a fresh breath, but not bother you as you use it.

In addition, the toothpaste is white with some sort of glittery particles. It is not super appealing to children perhaps as the design of the packing and everything else makes it seem quite clinical, but the taste is definitely not one that resembles med based dental care products. Just in case you were wondering!

Okay so now that we got that out of the way, there is not much else I can say about the actual toothpaste other than share my experience with you.

As I mentioned above, I have come across this product some years ago and I have been using it for the majority of the time during these years. I don’t use the product all the time, but I really like the Regenerate toothpaste. Not only is the right amount of minty for me, but I also had some pretty great results when I first started using it. During the first few months of using this toothpaste, I realised that my teeth feel slightly stronger and thicker. I have very thin teeth, at some places they almost seem like you can see though them. Not quite, but almost. However, once I started using this toothpaste from Regenerate, I felt that my teeth were different. I really liked that. In addition, I have not gotten any cavities since I started using this product and I am not really the kind of person who hurries to go to the dentist if you know what I mean. I take care of my teeth, but I am the last in line at the dentist’s office.

The strengthening effect is not as noticeable anymore, now that I have been using this product fro so long. However, I do feel that my teeth remained stronger than before.

Overall, I like this toothpaste and maybe you should give it a try as well. Do talk to your dentist first.

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