Molton Brown Jasmine and SunRose Bath and Shower Gel

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with Molton Brown. For that reason, I was beyond excited to see that Latest in Beauty included one of their products inside the beauty advent calendar they released this year. The Jasmine and SunRose bath and Shower Gel  was the 16th product.


Jasmine and SunRose Bath and Shower Gel Review

Like every single one of the shower gels from Molton Brown that I tried before, the Jasmine and SunRose one is super luxurious. The shower gel is not creamy, but it still has a wonderful texture that feels very nice on the skin. The shower gels easy to use and it does not get stuck on your skin. You can easily rub it all over your body without using excessive amounts of water. You might laugh at some of my comments, but when you tried any many beauty products as I have…you see a lot, to say the least.

In addition, the shower gels from Molton Brown lathers easily and washes off just as easy. It does create some suds, but unless your pipes are super bad, you won’t end up surrounded by a lot of bubbles if you use this product in the shower. I have used it in places where the pipes were not as great and yes, I ended up with quite a bit of foam around my ankles, but it was all in good fun

Okay, but let’s talk about the scent as after all that is what makes Molton Brown so special. The Jasmine and SunRose shower gel from Molton Brown is not just luxurious when it comes to the way it feels, but the scent is also pretty incredible.

The quality of the fragrance used in the Molton Brown shower gel is far superior to that that can be encountered in most other products on the market, including some high end ones. The fragrance has been beautifully formulated and it is of high quality as I feel the need to stress once again. As for this fragrance in particular, the Jasmine and SunRose, unlike what the name might suggest, is a heavy fragrance that is perfect for winter months rather than more sunnier times. The fragrance is super decadent and it makes a perfect companion to Christmas time events.

The scent also stays on for quite a bit so you might want to use this product at night rather than in the morning or like I mentioned above,  before an event.

If you have the opportunity, I suggest to get a sniff of this product before you purchase it. The scent takes some getting used to and it is pretty strong. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I also don’t like using this shower gel all the time because of the strong and heavy scent. However, when it comes to the quality of this product, the shower gel from Molton Brown is at the top of the list. I do recommend this product, but maybe in a different scent. I am particularly fond of the Ginger Lily scent. Just saying!

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