Revolve Aussie Beauty Bag

revolve aussie beauty bag

Revolve is finally back with a new beauty bag. I am glad to see that my instinct did not fail me on this one. I have been looking for a new beauty offer from Revolve just last night and could not find one and now, here it is. I am actually glad as I kinda love these cute little bags, well I do love the bag itself, but I meant the concept of it all. Don’t you? I will let you decide. In the meantime, let’s have a look at what the latest rendition has in store for us.

Revolve Aussie Beauty Bag Contents

Go-To Party Body Lotion (full size, 200 ml/ 200 ml)

Dr. Roebuck’s No Worries Hydrating Face Moisturizer (15 ml)

Dr. Roebuck’s Uluru Purifying Mask (20 ml)

Frank Body Cacao Coffee Scrub (3.53 oz)

Ere Perez Natural Almond Mascara in Black (full size, 10 ml)

Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel Cleanser in Geranium & Bergamot & Rose Bud (50 ml)

Sand & Sky Emu Apple Super Bounce Mask (30 ml)

Bangn Body Firming Lotion (50 g)

Australian Glow Everyday Gradual Tanning Lotion (full size, 200 ml/ 200 ml)

The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost Supercharged (100 ml)

BLAQ Charcoal Teeth Whitening Wand (1 full size wand, 2 ml)

revolve aussie beauty bag

Price and Value

The beauty kit is priced at £64 (the price you will actually end up paying) or $75 (to which taxes will be added depending on where you live). The value of the kit though is of $216.

For a limited time only, you can get 20% off using the code 20FORYOU at checkout.

The kit is available for purchase here.

Additional Info

Unlike other times, I wanted to add this short little section. Some of you might find the beauty kit appealing and might worry about ordering it since it comes from the US and all. However, you don’t need to worry. For the UK the process is super simple. The price you see is the price you pay as it includes all taxes, unless otherwise specified at checkout (never happened before). For the EU and other parts of the world, you can choose to pay the custom fees at checkout as well so not only you will probably end up paying less, but you also get to receive your parcel quicker without it getting stuck at customs. For the EU, I know that you will probably need to fill in the customs declaration yourself as requested by the carrier. It is no big deal once you get the hang of it (isn’t everything?), but I am serious.


This is without a doubt a summer beauty kit. Am I wrong? Personally, I find the contents of the kit to be quite fun-orientated (can one say that?) which is perfect especially if the restrictions have been lifted where you are and you are willing to spend more time surrounded by people. However, the products can be used even as part of your self-care routine no problem. That is the beauty of skincare, no?

I won’t talk in details about any of the products. It seems I am more and more behind with launches so I haven’t actually tried any of the above products, but I do have some thoughts. I am not convinced by the inclusion of not one, but two Dr Roebuck. I never fared well with the brand, but it has been a few years since Ive last tried it. Maybe their improved their formula or maybe it was just me, but I did not find the experience enjoyable. I do love seeing Sand & Sky included in this kit though and with one of their other products than their pink clay mask. We haven’t really seen much from them in beauty kits or gifts. That is about it, I won’t comment on stuff I really do not know anything about. Sorry, not sorry.

Overall, this is not necessarily a kit I can see myself purchasing, but it is a cute one nonetheless, just less my style *shrug.

What do you think of the Aussies Beauty Kit?

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