Birchbox True Colours Limited Edition

Today’s post is an offer that I was not certain whether to post or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love Birchbox’ initiative to support the LGBT Foundation with donations based on the number of boxes sold and I wholly support this initiative. My reluctance came due of the products. I am not entirely sure whether the following products are something you are typically interested in. We haven’t really touched upon this topic much or rather the category of products, I should say. Okay, the following are not necessarily the type of products we talk about on here, but that does not mean I have something against them or that they do not have potential. I guess, I just started leaning towards a certain type of products without really meaning to, but that is why I love boxes such as this Birchbox True Colours Limited Edition. This type of boxes push boundaries and make us try new stuff that we otherwise would have ignored. Anyway, enough to babbling on my part. Let’s see what the Birchbox True Colours Limited Edition actually has in store for us.

Birchbox True Colours Limited Edition

Kiehl’s, Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner, 40 ml

Skin Glow London, Glow Mask (Two Piece Facial Treatment Mask), 30 ml

amika, Haute Mess Texture Gloss, 100 ml

Boucleme, Revive 5 Glow Oil, 50 ml

Merci Handy, Clean Deodorant Namaste, 30 ml

Dr. Botanicals, Lemon Superfood all-in-one Rescue Butter, 50 ml

Eylure x Just Like Us Line & Lash Pride Kits

Herbivore, Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum, 30 ml

Ciate, Dewy Stix Highlighter Gleam, 5 ml

Dragun Beauty, DragunGlass Gloss in Unbothered, 3.5 ml

Accessorize, Orange Embroidered rainbow cardholder

Price and Availability

The Birchbox True Colours Limited Edition is priced at £35. The beauty box is available for purchase here.


Like I said in the intro, the Birchbox True Colours Limited Edition contains quite a few products I never even considered purchasing and that does not include the ones I had no idea even existed. Dragon Beauty while popular among IG folks has never made it on my radar whatsoever. I knew something about it, like that it existed, but that is basically it. Never paid it more mind. That is just one example.

Personally, I do not recall using any of the products above, but Amika is generally good and so is Kiehl’s. Merci Handy can go either way…

However this box is not just about getting some new products, but also about supporting a community that deserves it and needs it. The LGBT community needs all our support and I know that some of you might not agree with this and that is fine – I respect that – however please also respect my stance. We, as a society, are far away from where we should be in terms of acceptance. We should celebrate people for their differences (in general) rather than try to put them down or make the conform to the so called ‘norms’. One beauty box obviously won’t change much if anything, but if you do spend money on some new goodies, why not these ones? Donating directly to a foundation is preferred, but if the retailer does respect its pledge then it is better than nothing.

I have no more comments on this occasion. I find the box cute, I like the initiative behind it and for once I will stop before getting into how the creation of these boxes can have and probably does have some ulterior motives behind it.

What do you think of the Birchbox True Colours Limited Edition?

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