Fresh Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer

Fresh is a brand I have been using for years, however despite this fact, you will most likely rarely see me talking about it. Fresh and I have an interesting relationship with lots of “experiences” and I am not just talking about the products, but about the retailer itself. One day, I might share some of those details, but perhaps not today when I am trying to get this one out here before my flight. There is a time for stories and this probably ain’t it and as I’ve said that, I feel this urge to get started on a tangent. I promised myself to stick to the point today though. Let’s talk about the Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer okay?

Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer Review

As I’ve said above, I have been using Fresh products for years now, however what I haven’t said is that I rarely actually purchased something from them. Most of the products I used were part of goodie bags or gifts with purchase. When I tried actually purchasing the products, stuff happened – no, not bad customer service as they have been pretty great about that, but I promise I will tell you about more later.

The Rose range is one of the most iconic ranges from Fresh and this Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer is no exception. You probably already know all about it as you might have received times and times again, if not purchased it. Even if you might have not tried this exact product, chances are you have tried something from the range. If that is the case, then you are probably familiar with the scent of the products from this range. That particular scent that I have come to associate with this range is present in the Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer as well. It is not an artificial fragrance for those of you who might have not had the chance to try anything from the range before. It is not “fragrance”, but the scent while natural is not the most pleasant either. It smells like flower stems or something like that rather than an actual rose, or at least not a perfumed rose. I have no idea how to explain the scent, but I do associate it with flowers.

Had it not been for the scent, the Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer would rank in my top 10 no doubt. The moisturiser is super soft, gel like almost rather than cream. It is super soothing and of course it is also hydrating. The Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer absorbs quite fast into th skin without leaving a greasy sheen or any residue behind. It works quite well on my oily skin and I enjoy using it or I would, were it not for the scent of the product. Yes, I have a huge issue with the scent as it actually puts me off, but at least it is not an artificial one so I guess that is something.

Would I recommend this product? Hmm, hard to decide on this one to be honest. Yes, in a way I would like to tell everyone to try it, however you should definitely try to find a sample or sniff it in store at least once before. The scent does disappear quickly after application, but it takes away from the joy of applying the product, at least in my experience.

Overall, while the Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer is a great moisturiser the scent “keeps” me on the fence as far as this product is concerned. I think I got it – wait until you’ve tried it in sample size before deciding whether to purchase it or not. It might not have the best scent in the word, but it is not the worst either, however some of us are more sensitive to the fragrances around us and it really counts, at least to me it does even if I might not want it to at times.

Where can you purchase the Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer from?


Neiman Marcus


Have you ever tried anything from the Rose range? How about this product?

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