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Oh My Cream Skincare Universal Cream Review

Oh My Cream is a French, clean beauty retailer. You probably know this already as I talked about them before. In fact, I even purchased their version of an advent calendar for 2020. Today I want to talk about one of the products they included in their calendar and that is one of their own making. Yes, Oh My Cream not only offers clean beauty products, but also have an in house skincare brand.

Let’s see what the Oh My Cream skincare range is all about starting with their Universal Cream.

Oh My Cream Universal Cream Review

The Oh My Cream Universal Cream is, as the name suggests, an universal cream created to work on all skin types. More than that, I want to add that the word universal is pretty darn perfect in this case as this is a more refined, more advanced, more elegant version of that one cream we all had and used as a basic before discovering more advanced skincare product. This cream is like that good for everything, the to go to when in a rush, the to go when we lacked anything else etc. In short, it is the basic cream, but a bit more developed, a bit more refined.

This Universal Cream from Oh My Cream has a clean formula that contain a minimal number of ingredients and that does not contain stuff like mineral oil, SLS, artificial dyes, synthetic perfume or phenoxyethanol. As such, not only does the cream wish to be universal, it can pretty much be. There are no ingredients that suggest it might not work on more sensitive skin types. The only issues I found is that the cream does contain ingredients such as Glyceryl Stearate Citrate and Apricot Oil which can lead to fungal acne flare ups in those who suffer from the condition.

Okay, so the cream seems pretty good on paper. The formula is also pretty amazing and with limited risks. However, does the cream actually work? Does it do anything?

Well, of course it does something. Pretty much every cream does at least one thing. It has to be pretty bad for it to not offer at least one layer of protection if nothing else. Not even sure whether it is possible. I am not going to get into the whole debate on how many bad things it can do. That is so not applicable here so the point is moot. The Universal Cream from Oh My Cream is a good cream. It might not be anything over the top special, but it is a bit more special than your run of the mill basic cream. On top of having a good and clean formula, this product also moisturises, plumps a bit and leads to smooth skin.

Given that this is a universal cream, there is nothing over the top about it, like I mentioned above. It is not a product you absolutely need to have in your stash, but it is a product that is good to have for any emergencies. Not only it is perfect for the colder seasons as it helps deal with dehydration, but the faint scent makes it pretty much unisex and in case of emergency, it can be used even as a hand cream. It is a pretty great product to have on you whenever, you know?

I recommend the Universal Cream from Oh My Cream.

Where can you purchase the Oh My Cream Universal Cream from?

The product is sold exclusively at Oh My Cream. If you have never shopped at Oh My Cream before, I want to mention that the retailer ships internationally besides having some boutiques in France. Also, I shared my experience with the ordering process here.

Have you tried anything from Oh My Cream before? Are you tempted to give this product a go?

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