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Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water Review

Hello my darlings. I am back with another review and this time we are going to be talking about Redial’s Dragon Blood Cleansing Water. I would have written this yesterday as this was the 4th product from the LookFantastic beauty advent calendar, however I had a bit of a meltdown caused by Liberty… (more about that soon).

In the meantime, let’s talk Rodial. This is a brand that people just love to hate. I am not saying they do not have their reasons. After all, the brand and the founder have made some inappropriate comments over the years. That is one of the reasons why I only purchased from them once in nearly a decade of knowing about the brand. However, I do end up with lots of their products and I decided it was time to share whether their products are actually good.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water

Rodial’s Dragon Blood Cleaning Water is a micellar water. Yes, that is pretty much it. I am stuck as to what to say next, so in the meantime let’s talk about packaging. Safer this way, as otherwise I might just start writing copy for the product description. That is not my style and it would sound too sell-sy which is definitely not the intention here.

The product comes in a nail polish remover like bottle. I do not know why I keep calling them that! However, it was nail polish removers that first used the type of bottle that you need to put a cotton round on top and press down to get the product out. Anyway, I love this mechanism. It is spill free. However, the bottle does not influence the quality of efficiency of the product. The type of bottle is nice to have, but does not make a difference.

The most important question here is does the product work? Well, as I mentioned above Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water is a micellar water. Just like other micellar waters, this one can be used as a first step in your skincare routine. The Cleansing Water from Rodial can be used to remove makeup. Surprisingly, it does so pretty well. I tried removing different types of eyeshadows from powder to liquids and the product removes them easily without needing to rub at your sensitive skin nor leaving a greasy residue. That there is what impressed me the most about this micellar water. Unlike other such products, especially a range that keeps expending and that we know so well, this micellar water does not leave a greasy residue. I hate when that happens, especially when I use such products around the eye area. I always end up with product in my eyes and it is super bothersome. That is not the case here. However, you do not have to use this only around the eyes, it works perfectly fine all over the face.

The Rodial Dragon’s Blood micellar water does a good job. It both removes makeup and leaves the skin feeling smooth and a bit soothed. That there is the result of it being formulated using Glycerin. On top of the underrated Glycerine, the product also contains Niacinamide which to me is like the best active ingredient next to hyaluronic acid. Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 that does wonders for acne prone skin. However, if you are looking for a product that leaves the skin feeling refreshed, then this ain’t it. On the other hand, this has to be the best micellar water I have used so far.

There is one thing I do not like though and that is the scent of this product. Apparently the product contains Rose Water which to me, in most products, smells awful. The scent of this product is not that bad, but not nice either. To me it even smells a bit fruity which makes it me feel so weird about applying it all over my face.

Pluses and minuses, you know?

On the bright side though, not only does this product seem to work, especially as a makeup remover, but it actually contains a minimal number of ingredients which is great. The formula is also paraben, alcohol, sulphate free and it does not contain any ingredients that are known to lead to fungal acne flare ups. The product is pretty much appropriate for all skin types.

Would I repurchase this product? Perhaps. However, I would only use it to remove eye makeup. Not only is the product not cheap, but I noticed the biggest difference when I applied it to the eye area rather than on the rest of my face. There are more affordable products that do a good job on the rest of my face, but a limited number that work on my eyes.

This is not a product I cannot see myself living without which makes this very difficult. I sort of recommend it as it is a good product and if you like me, need something to remove eye makeup without leaving your sensitive skin feeling weird and raw, then this is a good options. However, if you have a great alternative that is perhaps more affordable, then you don’t really need it.

radial dragon blood micellar water

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What is your experience with Rodial? What do you think of this product?

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