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Marvis Mouthwash in Strong Mint

I am back with another review and this is for the 4th product in the Revolve Beauty Advent Calendar. I am going to tell you my opinion/first impressions of the Marvis Mouthwash in String Mint. But first, I am not a dentist and have no professional knowledge in the field so I am basing my opinion on my experience rather than science.

Marvis Mouthwash in Strong Mint Review

I know that it might seem strange to find a mouthwash review on here, but I have reviewed other oral care products before. However, I do stick to the ones you cannot normally find in your supermarket. So, there is that.

Okay, so the Marvis Mouthwash is very different than your run of the mill Listerine. The product is really different not necessarily in texture, this one is also liquid and all, but after you use it, you end up with a super soft foam. That does not really happen with a product such as the ones from Listerine, at least not to me. You might wander what the hell am I using, but I already answered that so… 🙂 My point is that this product is different despite my failing attempt to explain just how different it is.

I do like the texture, how it feels and everything else. Wow, it seems that writing about a mouthwash is even more difficult than writing about fragrance. Who knew? Everything that wants to come out sounds not so clean, to say the least. That is not intentional, I promise! We are still keeping this blog PG-13.

Okay, let’s try this again.

Strong Mint? Not what I would go for, but better than some crazy flavour that Marvis usually comes in. Despite loving that the flavour is a bit more traditional and has the expected taste, Strong Mint is definitely not for me. It freaking burns. I need to wash it off with water thus defeating (a bit) the purpose of using a mouthwash. If you are in need of strong sensations, especially early in the morning to clear your sinuses and wake you up, then Strong Mint is a good option.

As mentioned above, I am not a professional in the field so I do not know whether it is better than your supermarket to-go-to choice. All I know is that it does seem to be working and love the way it feels. It also ensures a fresh, minty breath for quite a few hours.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product from Marvis. There is really not much I can add here. I recommend giving it a go and I am looking forward to trying new flavours that might be more suitable for me.

*Update: according to the brand, you should mix the product with water. Too bad that it was to specified on the bottle….

Where can you get the Marvis Mouthwash from?

Have you tried anything from Marvis before?

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