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Today we are going to talk about the 4th product in the Oh My Cream Beauty Advent Calendar and that is the Rahua Classic Shampoo. In full disclosure, I don’t have much experience with the brand so I do not have anything else to compare the product with.

Okay, so here are my thoughts…

Rahua Classic Shampoo Review

This review is going to be pretty short, at least that is how envision it being at this point. Why? Because I don’t have much to say about this shampoo from Rahua. Plain and simple.

I tried the product without having any expectations nor having read any reviews about this product or any others from the brand. I do have some other products, but I have not used them yet. So my opinion is not based on anything other than my experience with the shampoo.

Clean beauty shampoos are pretty different than your usual shampoo, especially some of them. I know that. I have experience with them. That is how I know that finding a good clean shampoo is even more difficult than finding a good regular shampoo, not that finding a good regular shampoo is easy. Please keep this in mind as you continue reading.

The Rahua Classic Shampoo has a jelly like texture. That can be sort of fun and yet it is super annoying when you start washing your hair. It sticks to you hair, it does not create a beautiful foam and it is hard to get it all over your hair, at least in my experience. I added more water and everything and still, I found it difficult. As a result, I ended up needed more product than what I would normally use. That is not very sustainable, now is it?

Pretty darn annoying.

In terms of fragrance, the shampoo is lightly fragranced. I could not tell you what it smells like, but the fragrance is nice and pretty faint. Totally okay from this perspective.

As far as effectiveness is concerned, this Classic Shampoo is pretty good. It left my hair clean despite being worried that I did not manage to properly wash my hair (since I could not get the shampoo all over). No, it works. My hair is clean and a big glossy so that is a bit plus. Another plus is that my hair did not get as tangled as it does when using other clean products.

Like I mentioned above, I have no way of determining whether all Rahua shampoos are like this or just this one. However, I did find this Classic Shampoo just as good as some of the best Clean shampoos I tried in the past in terms of effectiveness, but not in terms of application (can I call it that?).

However, even if I were to ignore the big elephant in the room – aka the ability to get it all over the hair – the price is just not justified in my opinion. This shampoo is more expensive and not as good as some alternatives you can find in stores such as Whole Foods.

I am open to trying other products from Rahua, but I honestly never want to try this shampoo again. I would certainly not purchase it. So no, I do not recommend it one bit. I will leave a few links below if you do want to try it though.

Where can you purchase the Rahua Classic Shampoo from?

Have you tried this product before? Do you have any experience with Rahua?

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3 thoughts on “Rahua Classic Shampoo

  1. I’ve been using Rahua for years now and I like it a lot. I was using before the Volumenous shampoo and some time ago I switched to the Colorful one. You definitely need to dilute the shampoo 1:1 with water. I usually wash my hair once a week and shampoo it twice. The second time it always foams much more than the first time. I also have the Rahua Conditioner, but I don’t like it a lot, so I use different brands instead.

    1. Good to know that it foame more the second time. That is a clear sign that the first wash really did clean Your hair. Also thank you for sharing your tips! Definitely need to try that and see whether my opinion on this product changes. Glad you enjoy your products though

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