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U Beauty The Super Smart Hydrator

As you might have realised, I have been feeling a bit off for the past few days. Yesterday in particular was plain horrible. I have been feeling more and more like I lost my spark and my sass and that simply won’t do.

I also woke up with a line on my forehead which I am still dealing with; I am doing my best to avoid a meltdown, but I do see one coming. I have enough lines (stretch marks) and I really do not need any wrinkles just yet. I know they are coming, but I though they would start small or with something not visible from the moon. I am being dramatic, but this past year, my body turned against me. It is like it hates me more than ever. However, I am working on it. That is what counts, right? If I find ways to improve or deal with the issues I am currently facing, I will let you know. I am not refusing to age by any means, I am just do not want to let everything that is doing on – internal and external factors – to make the entire process quicker than it needs to be. The joys of living with or rather without some very useful genes, an ED as well as hormonal imbalances…I am the whole package, aren’t I?

Okay, due to everything that is going on, I am trying even harder to find products that really do make a difference. I have been interested in such products from when my love affair with beauty began, but more so as the years went by. Last year, I started seeing this new brand pop up everywhere and I was curious to try it. Luckily, I found myself in the possession of several of their products due to my purchase of advent calendars. The brand in question is U Beauty. You might have seen, after all, it has been featured by basically every other influencer out there. Today I want to talk a bit about the U Beauty Super Smart Hydrator.

U Beauty Super Smart Hydrator Review

The first impressions of this product were not good. I gave the moisturiser from U Beauty a try and I was like nope. However, as I started seeing the product pop up in 9 out of 10 posts on my IG feed, I was like hell no. The world does not really need a repeat of the whole Aurelia Probiotics Skincare (whether it was a rumour or not is still debatable) situation. I have yet to talk to anyone who actually purchased the product and yet everyone seems to have them. If they did indeed purchase the products, I apologise, but they screamed like ADs.

In the end, seeing the product pop up everywhere is what made me give it another try. The Super Smart Hydrator is honestly a weird, strange and not necessarily in a good way, moisturiser. The product has a weird texture. It is like a lighter version of condensed milk? I am being weird now. I don’t know how to explain it. The product makes me think of milk, but it does not have that creamy texture, it is sort of light, but also sticky and of course, white. It is unlike any other product I came across before.

The U Beauty Super Smart Hydrator kinda of sticky. It feels pretty weird not just on your fingers, but even as you attempt to apply it. I know, I know. I am doing a terrible job at explaining this, but I honestly have nothing to compare it to. That would have helped get my point across. Once applied, the skin looks like you poured too much liquid highlighter on it. It is that glowy! It is not the usual kind of glow you get after using skincare. It really looks like highlighter glow IMO. As it dries, I feel like it leaves still a bit of a white cast and the glow looks more powdery or matte, but it is still present. I cannot say that I like it to be honest.

However, despite all these weird things, I did indeed notice that my skin seems a bit more plump after having this cream on overnight. It looks more hydrated and that hydration perhaps lasts more than when using a HA serum or something similar, even a high end products. I admit that maybe the product does indeed have some merits and that those who are raving about it, have their reasons for doing so. Another interesting thing I noticed is that my skin looks more even somehow and less oily. Now that is the best thing about this moisturiser. I haven’t had any breakout from it either which is surprising given the use of Stearic Acid. That is the one ingredient I could pinpoint as a cause for acne in my case.

Speaking about ingredients, there are quite a few ingredients that promote wound healing and that have anti-ageing effects, including Lactobionic Acid, Glycolic Acid or Mandelic Acid. It even offers some UV protection through the use of Titanium Dioxide. Furthermore, it is silicon free, sulphates free, paraben and alcohol free. It looks perfect like this, but in fact it does contain ingredients that can lead to fungal acne flares ups. If you have any issues of the sort, abort. This is definitely not a product you should be trying.

In spite of the above though, I cannot see myself using this product long term. It is just too strange for me and like I said, not the good kind of strange. I am open to trying lots of things, but this one just does not do it for me. The way it sticks to my skin is off-putting. Due to my mixed feelings, I gave a bottle to my mom and she does not seem to love it either. Just to get someone else’s thoughts on it and all that. She has oily, mature(ing) skin while mine is combinational with dehydrated patches. The ingredients list does suggest that it might not work all that well for the type of skin though. It might work for other skin types, but for ours it just does not do enough to justify the price and the way it feels on the skin is the biggest drawback of them all.

For me, this is yet another glamourised, high end product that “everyone” seem to love that has no place in my stash. It is better than most other products in the previously mentioned category, as in I still believe that some people will indeed love it, but not me. It might be different for you though. Everyone has a difference experience with skincare as everyone’s skin is different. I am just telling you what my experience was like.

I do have another product from U Beauty. Fingers crossed that one will work better. We shall see.

Where can you buy the Super Smart Hydrator from?

Have you ever tried anything from U Beauty before?

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  1. Sari Paisley

    I only tried the Resurfacing Compound from this brand, and honestly I don’t like the product. I used about 15 ml and have still about 10+10 ml left from a GWP and a Beauty Box, but I can get myself into using more as my skin looks much better since I stopped. I think this brand has overdone the idea of simplifying the beauty regime and put so many incis in one product that don’t work well together. Currently I’m awaiting my order with the latest Beauty Box from Cult Beauty which includes the Super Smart Hydrator, but I don’t have big hopes for this product, especially after reading this review 😀

    1. Nana

      I keep avoiding the Resurfacing Compound, but it is high time to try it. However, after I tried this one, I lost some of the enthusiasm. Now I am curious though. Hope you will enjoy the Hydrator even if I did not. Do let me know what you thought of it after you got the chance to use it 🙃

      1. Sari Paisley

        It has arrived and I hate it 😀 The consistency is very heavy and sticky. I don’t feel that it is hydrating at all, rather irritating. I also tried it on my hands, which are extremely sensitive, and they got very itchy right after application. I think the problem should be shea butter which is the 4. on the inci list. In small amount I tend to tolerate shea well, but as a main ingredient in a product my skin doesn’t like it. Sadly, I will just be able to use this product on my body, which is a waste of money. Luckily, I only paid 45 GBP for this box and like to other products a lot.

      2. Nana

        Have you tried applying it on wet skin? Like with a serum underneath? I seem to tolerate it better that way. But sorry you did not end up enjoying it. 🙁

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