Rituals Easter Eggs

With a bit of luck, I will have some time this weekend to reconsider my recent strategy. While my goal is to post as many days in a row as possible (a few more days until I reach my previous record), however the purpose of this platform is to create value and not necessarily to post about a new launch or beauty offer every single day. No, that is not what this platform is about, even if it seems like the real purpose got lost somewhere along the way. I guess in a way that this kind of posts can provide value, but I want to do more, you know? I sometimes wonder whether I am taking the easy way, but I do not want to think like that anymore. That does not mean that I will stop posting about the best offers, but I might just switch to the Beauty Offers Club like intended when that platform first came to be. Some will still be featured here, but hopefully less and less. What do you think? Also what would you like to see more of on here?

While we both ponder the above, I will share a new beauty offer or rather try to before I fall asleep on my keyboard. Fingers crossed.

Rituals Easter Eggs

I am a huge fan of Rituals, as you probably know. I have spoken about the brand on here once or twice. My favourite Ritual was the Dao one which is now discontinued, but I found the perfect replacement – the Jing. The two are nearly the same. But overall, I like the brand as it has something for everyone. It goes without saying that I was pretty excited when I saw that they released beauty Easter Eggs. It seems like more and more retailers are adopting this format.

Rituals however only came out with two versions so far. They released a Ritual fo Sakura Beauty Easter Egg Set and a Ritual of Karma one. Hopefully they will decide to extend this series, but until then, here are the details on the two eggs:

The Ritual of Karma Easter Egg Gift Set

The Ritual fo Karma Easter Egg contains:

  • The Ritual of Karma Shower Foam 200ml
  • The Ritual of Karma Body Cream 100ml
  • The Ritual of Karma Hair and Body Mist 50ml

The beauty Easter Egg retails for £32.50 and can be purchased from the Rituals website. Please note that you can change the shipping country.

Photo credit: Rituals

The Ritual OF Sakura Easter Egg Gift Set

The Ritual fo Sakura Easter Egg contains:

  • The Ritual of Sakura Shower Foam 200ml
  • The Ritual of Sakura hand balm 70ml
  • The Ritual of Sakura Travel EDP Fleurs de l’Himalaya

The beauty Easter Egg retails for £32.50 and can be purchased from the Rituals website. Please note that you can change the shipping country.

Photo credit: Rituals


The eggs are cute no doubt, but they are not exactly what I had been expecting when I first saw them. When every single retailer is trying hard to surpass the other, I wanted to see more from these new launches. However, these eggs are not necessarily meant to impress through their contents, but rather be given as a small attention that is definitely going to grab everyone’s interest due to their packaging. It is a memorable gift rather than an incredible deal.

If you were to ask me which one of these eggs I would grab, the truth is I have no idea. I would probably go for the Rituals of Sakura (not intended to contradict myself) because I am familiar with the Ritual and have used the products from the range for a while now. On the other hand, I sniffed the Karma products once or twice, but who knows… I passed on them before, but now who knows anymore. So yeah, I really do not know which one I would pick. Go with the same old, same old which I am super excited about anymore or something I have not really used before.

Overall, yes I do find these Eggs cute and would not mind one, but I would rather give one as a gift. It is not necessarily something I can see getting enough value from to purchase for myself.

What do you think of the Rituals Easter Eggs?

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