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Like promised, I am back with a second review of a product from the Lush Snow Fairy range. If you recall/read my first review then you might know that this range is my favourite range from the brand.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel Review

The Snow Fairy Shower Gel has a sweet, candy like scent just like every single one of the products from the range. However, the scent is not that sweet as it is not a sugary type of scent, but the sweetness seems to be added by an artificial sweetener. I know that is a weird way to describe a scent, but this is how I see it.

The scent is nice to wear during the holiday season. It is cute and all that, but is the shower gel any good?

Surprisingly, the Snow Fairy shower gel has a nice texture. The shower gel is liquid enough, not too thick and not too runny. From this regards, Lush found the perfect balance. Furthermore, the Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush is not incredibly foamy. I don’t know about you, but I prefer products that do not create a lot of foam. It is easier to wash them off and get them to run down the drain. However, despite the limited amount of foam created by this product, it is still one you can easily use to wash your entire body.

I think I reached my quota for weird statements in this review, but you would be surprised just how many products out there are so difficult to use as they have not been formulated right or at least right for the recipients they were placed in. This is particularly true for clean beauty.

So good so far, however to be honest, despite the fact that the Snow Fairy shower gel does a pretty good job at cleaning one’s body, it does not impress when it comes to its nourishing properties. While the shower gel did not leave my skin feeling dry, it did not leave it feeling super comfortable either.

Overall, this shower gel from Lush is a good product and something nice to play with during the holidays, but not something to use all year round. However, if this is something that you do like/love, remember that the collection is only available around Christmas time.

The product is sold exclusively at LUSH.


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