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Face toners and I have a long, a very long relationship. Sometimes I feel like this relationship has been going on for longer than it should have as I am one of those that do feel that most toners out there are just beautifully scented, sometimes coloured bottles of water that do not provide enough benefits to justify the purchase.

However, even if that were the case (not so much anymore), I loved (and still do) the feel of toner on my skin. I always felt like my skin was a bit cleaner after toner. The cotton round with toner would remove the extra puffy stuff left over from drying my face with a towel after cleansing… Things changed though. Now, I can justify purchasing a toner, well usually anyway.

What is different?

The rise of Korean Skincare was a game changer. Korean Face Toners are usually more than a somewhat questionable product that might or might not work. These toners usually do contain some active ingredients that help your skin to some extent. They are no longer just not-quite-water. Of course, not all Korean toners work the same and not all are that great, but they introduced this concept into the western world and as such even the brand we might have grown up using started switching up their offering. The world of toners was forever changed (for the better).

Sorry about the short history of face toners. That is definitely not where I saw this conversation going and it was as usual, much, much shorter in my mind than it came out. I just wanted you to know where I stand in terms of using a face toner.

However, today I am going to talk about a Korean Beauty Face Toner so some of the above might not be as relevant, other than perhaps provide your with some fun tidbits and additional information.

Banila Co Dear Hydration Face Toner Review

Like I mentioned in the surprisingly long intro that I never intended to write (do I ever?), Korean Face Toners were a game changer to the beauty industry and to our overall skincare routines. For that reason, over the next weeks and months I want to share more about such products not his blog, starting this the Banila Co Dear Hydration Face Toner.

Banila Co is a Korean beauty brand that I love. I have been so curious to try its products for so long and I was honestly starting to believe that I never would until last year when I got my first ever product from them in the FabFitFun lifestyle subscription box. Since then, I discovered that I could get them locally and more recently, they became even more widely available by being introduced in dm (German retailer) all across the country. Anyway, my collection of Banila Co products grew and so my curiosity turned into love. However, as always not every single one of their products was as incredible as the rest.

Today I am going to focus on a product that I have been using for a few weeks now and that is the Dear Hydration Toner. Since I was already in love with the brand by the time I got around to trying the face toner, I have to admit that I had high hopes for it. That combined with the fact that most Korean toners that I used impressed me, made me expect something amazing.

Sadly, I was not impressed. Not impressed at all.

The Dear Hydration Toner from Banila Co is more like western toners than any other Korean Face Toner I used so far. This is a nice soothing water that feels nice on the skin, but does not do much else. Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh. I did feel like the Banila Co Dear Hydration toner was not harsh on the skin and maybe it did leave it a bit more hydrated and soothed, but that is simply not enough. The level of hydration obtained from this product is just not enough, not when its rival brands can give you more.

As a product on its own, the Banila Co Dear Hydration Toner is not bad, but not good either. However, the moment we start comparing it to other products with a similar function from other Korean retailers, then this toner becomes useless as far as I am concerned.

So no, I do not recommend you purchase this toner. It might feel nice, but you don’t really get much else from it. You can do better and sometimes for less.

Where can you purchase the Banila Co Dear Hydration Face Toner?

Have you tried nay products from Banila Co? How do you feel about them? How do you feel about toners in general?

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