Drunk Elephant Cocomino™ Marula Cream Conditioner

It has not been that long since I last talked about the new body and hair range from Drunk Elephant. In fact, I last spoke about the complementary product to the one I am going to talk about today. If last time, I spoke about the Cocomino shampoo, today I am going to talk about the conditioner from the same range.

Drunk Elephant Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner Review

Before I began, I have to mention the fact that I have the mini version which was included in the littles kit so some of the things here might not be 100% accurate when it comes to the product in the full sized version.

Okay, so the first thing I noticed about the conditioner from Drunk Elephant was the fact that the bottle was the same as the ones used for the shampoo. This is also true for the full sized version. The bottles have the same shape and the conditioner one does not come with a pump. A no pump conditioner is a bad idea on a regular day. It is so much easier to use the product if it comes in a bottle with a pump, or is it just me? However, in this case in particular, at least as far as the mini I used is concerned, the product is impossible to get out of the bottle. I tried everything, I had to resort to using both hands to get some product onto the edge of the bathtub This was lucky as I normally do not have anything in my shower I could pour the product onto. Also, it is not advisable for hygiene reasons. However, I saw no other way which is a shame. For this reason alone, especially if the same is true for the full sized version, I would not recommend this product to anyone. It is too much hassle and for what?

However, the bad bits do not end here. Packaging is not everything, but actual product is.

drunk elephant cocomino

The Cocomino Marula Conditioner from Drunk Elephant is nothing like its counterpart. The shampoo smells really nice, but the conditioner does not. Personally, I found the fragrance too strong and not at all nice. It is definitely not the kind of fragrance I want to sense in my hair. They need to adjust the ratios or something.

In terms of consistency, the conditioner is quite thick which is what poses a problem in the first place. This consistency is the reason why you cannot get it out of the bottle first and foremost. The packaging itself might play a part, but the consistency is key. Once applied, it is not that bad though. It is not amazing, but not bad either. It just is.

I am not going to keep going as I honestly see no point. There was honestly nothing special about this product and it is definitely more trouble than it is worth. With so many alternatives on the market, you are better off using something else. You can grab almost any big brand conditioner from your local drugstore or supermarket and achieve similar or better results.

Where can you get the Drunk Elephant Conditioner from?

If you are still willing to give this product a shot, then you can purchase it from:

Have you tried the conditioner from Drunk Elephant?

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