Ziaja Cleansing Wash Gel

ziaja hand cleansing wash gel

I am not going to do a huge intro on what is Ziaja and how amazing the brand is. You can read more about the Polish Cosmetics brand in my article on their Goat Milk Hand Cream here, if you are interested. However, I am obsessed with the brand and I am so sorry that I did not realise how great it was when I got my first ever product from them.

One good thing did came out the very first time I got out from lockdown to go shopping – I was looking for more soap (I always washed my hands frequently, way too frequently, but during this period, things got out of hand and I needed stock) and found the Ziaja Cleansing Wash Gel which reintroduced me to this brand and I started paying more attention afterwards

Ziaja Cleansing Wash Gel Review

Just so we clear a few things up, the Ziaja Cleansing Wash Gel is more like a liquid soap/shower gel than a hand sanitiser. This is not the type of product that you can apply and then go your way, you need water.

I also picked it up the very first time because I thought that maybe I found another brand that created a hand sanitizer and one that was quite affordable at that, but this is not one such product. Ziaja does indeed have a hand sanitiser, but I have not been able to find it anywhere in my country. Maybe you have more luck (if so do let us know what you think!).

So as we established, you need access to water in order to use the Ziaja Cleansing Wash Gel. However, that is fine.

I was a bit upset that it was not a hand sanitiser, but I got over it quite quickly when I realised just how amazing this gel from Ziaja actually was. It might seem like a liquid soap, a more expensive one depending on what you compare it to, but it is so much more.

The Ziaja Cleansing Wash Gel is so much more than a typical liquid soap. This product comes with many active ingredients that help keep your skin smooth and soft. However, what I noticed from the very first time I tried it is that my skin feels more clean then ever before. It was so weird, trust me. But I honestly feel like my skin is more clean compared to when I use a liquid soap.

Furthermore, no matter how many times I wash my hands (like after I touch anything that has been outside or was recently purchased – I wash my hands aprox. 4 times while making a sandwich just so you get an idea…I lost it, don’t remind me), my skin is left feeling smooth and protected. This Ziaja Cleansing Wash Gel is definitely more gentle than a liquid soap.

After that first try, I haven’t looked back. I went out and got myself more bottles and I plan on continuing to use this product for as long as I can find it. I really do love it.

Now that you know why I love the product, let me give you some additional information that you might or might not find useful.

Yes, you need to use water with this product as I mentioned above. However, when you first apply it, you can do so without any water. If that is the case, you can start rubbing the product in your palms until you create a dry foam and see that you covered every single part of your hand. This is particularly useful if you have children and you are trying to teach them how to properly wash their hands. They get a visual. You can then rise it off with water as you normally would any soap.

In addition, you might have noticed that the product comes in a slightly inconvenient bottle. However, you can easily solve this problem by moving the product into a recipient with a pump or better yet, simply find a pump from an empty that fits this bottle. I was luckily enough to find one from a hand sanitiser that works perfectly so I am using that for every bottle of this Ziaja Cleansing Wash Gel that I open.

One last thing, you can use the Ziaja Cleansing Gel on your body as well. It has dual function. I used it a few times, particularly on my arms where I have these red bumps I cannot get rid of and it worked quite well. Overtime, I saw an improvement in the texture of my skin. I tried other products with lactic acid for this issue and hated them all, but this gel feels nice and smells nice as well. The scent is almost non-existent so it should not bother you even if you prefer not to have scented beauty products. In any case, the scent is fresh and clean.

Overall, I highly recommend you try this Ziaja Cleansing Gel Wash at least once.

Where can you find Ziaja?

  • pharmacies
  • Notino (including the UK website)
  • official stockists (google them for your country)
  • dm (continental Europe)
  • health/bio stores

The brand is much more easily available than you think. Too bad that not that many people know about it outside its home country so that it would be more visible.

Have you ever tried anything from Ziaja?

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