GLAMOUR x Guerlain: Women of the Year Awards After Party

It’s been 20 yeas already? Wow! I cannot believe just how old I am feeling right now. I remember when the magazine first launched. However, yes, Glamour has been around for 20 years now and for this special anniversary they decided to bring back their Women of the Year Awards. The event took place on March 11th when they celebrated a series of incredible women. Now, it is time for the after party and we are all invited.

Glamour teamed up with Guerlain to host the Glamour Women of the Year Awards After Party at 7pm on Thursday 25 March. We should except an evening of inspiring beauty conversations with celeb guests, cocktail making and a fun quiz.

According to Glamour, “attendees can expect a panel discussion all about female empowerment featuring the fabulous Ashley LouiseCharlotte De Carle and Lydia West hosted by GLAMOUR Editor-In-Chief Deborah Joseph”.

Tickets are currently on sale and they are free. They had another type of ticket which included a Guerlain Goodie Bag, but sadly those tickets are all sold out. You can still take part and listen to the panel discussions as well as see what you missed out on with the goodie bag, if you are curious. I wanted to add a bit more here, but I will refrain. I am sure some of you do know where I was going with that sentence.

I am sure it will be a fun night nonetheless and listening to inspiring people (particularly women) is never a bad idea. Sometimes you may feel that you do not get enough value or that the conversation does not resonate with you in the same way it does with others. That is fine. Sometimes you would like to hear more or get actually useful advice or more insight into a topic, but even if that does not happen, these type of events do serve a purpose – they inspire nonetheless. They make you want to do something, they make you ponder where you are at now and where you want to go. So even if you do not find or receive any truly useful information, these events mobilise you. They get you moving and thinking. Sure, I am basing my comments on all previous events and trainings I have attended, however in my opinion listening to someone’s story and hearing that they managed to surpass a hurdle or that they are doing something to change their lives and that of other is enough to get you going. It makes you think that change is possible and after all, that is all it really takes. You do not need to know exactly how they’ve done it. You just need to believe, to be convinced that you can do it as well. Anyway, I am going to stop now.

I just wanted to let you know that there is this fantastic event going on and if you haven’t got a ticket yet, it is not too late to do so now. Tickets are available here.

Are you going to join the Glamour After Party?

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