LA Splash Cosmetics Wickedly Divine Eyeliner

You know that I always try and do my best to be frank with you. This time is no different. I don’t wear eyeliner, like ever. I admire people that do and I would love to be able to wear it one day. However, it is not that easy.

I have poor eyesight. I never hid this fact. For this reason, attempting to draw a line with an eye closed is nearly impossible for me. I can never get it right. While this is one issue I have when it comes to liquid eyeliner, I also dislike the way it feels. When dry, it kind bothers me. You get it. It is a product that does not work for me, I am not ashamed to admit my limitations. It is what it is.

For the reasons stated above, I cannot really say that I was pleasantly surprised when I got yet another liquid eyeliner. I have so many that I never used so it seemed like such a waste. However, I tried the LA Splash Cosmetics Wickedly Devine Eyeliner nonetheless. Here are my thoughts.


LA Splash Cosmetics Wickedly Divine Eyeliner Review


You already know that I wasn’t too fond of the idea of trying yet another eyeliner. I was truly put off by the idea as I did not want to feel the same disappointment as each time I tried one before. However, I was surprised. The LA Splash Cosmetics Wickedly Divine Eyeliner is not the same as every other eyeliner out there. The formula is different.

What do I mean by different? Well, you don’t get an opaque continuous line. Instead, you get a streak of washed, glittery colour. Why do I sound so impressed by this? Well, when I apply this product for once it is not me and my poor hand to eye coordination that gets me a less than perfect line, but it is the nature of the product. Don’t give up on the Wickedly Divine Eyeliner just yet though, the results look pretty good. They look really good actually.

Since you get more of a dotted line when using this product rather than a continuous line, there is no reason to worry if you get it a bit wrong. This makes the LA Splash Wickedly Divine Eyeliner a lot more convenient and not just for me, but for other people as well. I am sure that some of you understand part if not all of my struggle, some of you might even have it way worse, but this product is surprisingly easier to use and helps achieve a great look even if you are really not good at using liquid eyeliner or as mentioned before, struggle with it due to other reasons.

This article is very strange for me to write as I do have much experience with liquid eyeliner since I obviously cannot wear it, but also because I never really wrote a review for an eyeliner. Hopefully it makes some sense.

To put it differently, this liquid eyeliner from LA Splash Cosmetics is like a mix between a liquid eyeliner and a liquid eyeshadow and in fact you can use it as either kind of product. That is where the beauty lies in this case. Not only is the product easy to use, even by people like me, but it is also super flexible.

However that is not all. Yes, the product from LA Splash Cosmetics is super easy to use and nice, but the product itself is actually quite good. It does not hurt that the eyeliner is gorgeous and comes in many shades. There are a lot of colours to choose from.

The eyeliner I got comes in a shade called Rosaline which is a glittery rose-gold. The eyeliner is perfect for an evening look, but since it does not create a continuous line straight away, you can easily get away with using it during the day. To each their own! I do recommend that you have a look at the shade range as some of the shades are gorgeous. I have my eyes on the pink-ish shades.

Overall, I recommend you give this product a try. It might not be as mainstream as some of the others I featured on this blog, but it is a really interesting product that deserves a chance. I don’t often say this and hopefully by now you realised it, especially if you are new here. I always state what I have to state and this is no different. There is nothing about this product that I did not like. It really went beyond my expectations, but then again my threshold was quite low. However, the LA Splash Cosmetics Wickedly Devine Eyeliner is indeed a really good product.


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Have you tried any super easy to use liquid eyeliners? Do you have any tips on how to apply eyeliner for those that struggle?


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