Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream

Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream

The beauty industry is oversaturated with beauty products so there is always something for everybody. Because of this, I try to avoid speaking about super high end products on here as there always exists a more affordable option. However, from time to time, I also love to indulge and want to share with you my experiences. For that reason, today I will be talking about a moisturiser I recently tried from Decorté and that is the AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream. 

Yeah, this product was included in the Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar from 2019 as otherwise…yeah, no. This is a product I definitely would have not purchased without trying it first. Not that I ever purchased a full sized jar! I am basing this review on my use of the deluxe mini that I got from the calendar. This is a calendar that I purchased with my own money, I might add. Just to avoid any confusion and what not, you know?

Okay, enough chit chat. 


Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream Review 

The moment I opened the jar of Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream I was hit with a slight fragrance that just screamed expensive skincare. At that time, I have no admit that I had no idea nor any knowledge of the brand. I did all my research after trying out the cream and using I for a little while so that I would not be influenced in any way by reviews or comments. I was not wrong though; the Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream is indeed expensive, but more about that a bit later. 


This cream from Decorté is described online as being the Holy Grail, but is it really? Does this soft, luxurious feeling creamy actually deliver on its promise?

Well, the Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream is most likely not the Holy Grail, but I was surprised by the effects. 

After using this cream from about two weeks, I noticed quite a bit of improvement. My skin looked more even, more plump and radiant. It had that healthy glow. Any few fines lines I have around the mouth area were nearly gone, but just as a reminder, I am in my late 20s so….not sure how or if this cream would lead to the same results on more mature skin. I could have, but I just could not help myself and used it all up before my mom got to it. The effects that I saw in the mirror impressed me. I cannot hide this fact. I was more than happy with what I saw and how my skin looked. 

But do the ingredients paint the same picture and do they justify the price? 

Let’s see. 

The Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream is Paraben, Sulfate and EU Allergen free, but it is not Alcohol or Silicone free which is a shame. Sadly, this cream is not fungal acne safe so if you suffer from this condition then you might want to skip this product as it can lead to flare ups. 

There are some good ingredients on the list posted by the brand, but there are some problematic ingredients for all skin types. Those who dry skin might benefit more from this product than those with sensitive skin or oily skin, but there is still Algin – a masking fragrance that can cause problems. The fact that this product is not alcohol free is also problematic as this can leads to water evaporation and thus negatively affect the skin. 

Like I mentioned above, there are also some good ingredients that do indeed help with anti-aging such as Vitamin E and Adenosie, but also some that help with brightening and wound healing. 

So is the price worth it? 

From my experience and what I saw in the mirror, I was impressed by this product. I already mentioned this above. However, no I did not think that the product is worth it as the Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream is priced at £950/$1000. That is way too much. Having seen the ingredients, I have to agree.

The brand might have found an innovative way to deliver the ingredients and combine them in a way that works, but there are still a few too many problematic ingredients for my taste. Also, the ingredients that work are found in many other products. 

Overall, I did enjoy the Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream and for that reason I cannot say to not buy it. I experienced only positive results and no side effects, so to speak. However, that does not mean this is a must buy product. If you want to get it, it is up to you. Personally, I know that I won’t get a full sized cream anytime soon, if ever. The price is a major put off for me and I would much rather spend that money on something else such as rent, bills  etc. If you are not price sensitive, then all I have to say is that I enjoyed the product and you might be lucky and experience only positive results as I have. 


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