Merci Handy Slime Shower Jelly Unicorn Edition

merci handy shower jelly

Merci Handy is a super cute brand and chances are that if you ever subscribed to BirchBox you already know it. Well, that or if you ver spent some time in a Sephora.

I used many products from Merci Handy, but never a shower product. So when I first saw this Unicorn shower jelly I just had to get it. It looked super cute and the idea of it being a slime (who else is guilty of buying into the whole phenomenon?) I had to try it. I was not sure what to expect, but I was definitely intrigued.

Was it worth it? Read and find out.


Merci Handy Slime Shower Jelly Unicorn Edition Review

The Merci Handy Slime Shower Jelly is one of the strangest shower products I have ever seen. This is unlike anything I used before. Shower jellies are weird in general, but add the slime word to it and you get something else entirely. You guessed it, as the name suggests this shower jelly from Merci Handy does indeed resemble a slime. How fun! or is it?

Hmm, not so much.


I wanted to love this product from Merci Handy and I thought it would be fun, but I have to say that while it is fun to play with it while it is in its container, it is not as fun to use it in the shower. The slime shower jelly is not at all practical and it is hard to use. It does not foam, it is hard to get the product all over your body and then it is hard to remove.

As much as I disliked the way this product actually behaved when used for the purpose it was created for, I was not impressed by the way it left my skin feeling either. The slime shower jelly from Me Handy is supposed to be nourishing and leave your skin feeling moisturised and not at all dry, but that is not the case. While the slime jelly did not leave my skin as dry as some other products on the market, I have seen and tried many that so much better. I am not willing to give that up no matter how cute a product or fun a product might be.

On the other hand, I do want to emphasise that this product is super cute – look at that gorgeous colour.  It is eye catching and beautiful to look at. The texture is indeed fun to play with, but not that practical. This Merci Handy product is nothing more than novelty gift in my opinion. It is something cute to include in a goody bag for kids or even teenagers, but less so for busy and practical adults. Okay, from time to time it might be enjoyed by adults as well, but I do hope you get what I mean…

While products do not need to be boring, they need to add extra benefits and in this case I simply failed to see what those are. For that reason, I honestly cannot recommend this product. This does not mean that you should give up on Merci Handy altogether though.


Have you tried the Unicorn Slime Shower Jelly from Merci Handy?



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