Sol de Janeiro Brazilian 4Play Moisturising Shower Cream Gel

How do you choose your shower gel? Do you choose by brand, scent or something else entirely?

More often than not, I choose quite at random. I see something that looks interesting and I get it. If I have the rare opportunity to see the product in store, I might sneak a sniff, if not, I leave it all to chance. However, from time to time I do look at the brand. Such was the case of the Brazilian 4Play Moisturising Shower Cream Gel from Sol de Janeiro.

The Brazilian 4Play Shower Cream from Sol de Janeiro is yet another product from the much coveted collection of the brand. If you are curious to know more about the collection, you can read here about the Lip Butter and here about the Bum Bum body cream. After trying some other products from the collection, there was no way not to try it. So I went against my rule of random choosing and picked something that I hoped that I would like and like I did.

Scratch that. I loved the Brazilian 4Play Shower Cream Gel from Sol de Janeiro. I loved it so much that I am on my third bottle right now.

Why? The answer is pretty simple. The Sol de Janeiro Shower Cream Gel is the best shower product I found so far. The Brazilian 4Play Moisturising Shower Cream Gel is creamy and feel amazing on the skin.

Furthermore, the product is the liquid equivalent of the Bum Bum cream but in a for shower format. So yes, the scent is just as amazing and rich as the one of the Bum Bum cream and it stays on the skin long after you get out of the shower which is pretty rare. That is just one of the reasons why I loved the shower cream gel from Sol de Janeiro so much.

However, the reason why I loved the Brazilian 4Play Shower Cream Gel the most is because of its moisturising qualities. Unlike other shower products, this one from Sol de Janeiro leaves your skin feeling incredibly moisturised and it does not strip it or makes it feel dry. The shower cream gel really leaves your skin soft and moisturised as well as smelling amazing.

What more do you want?

I know that there is nothing else I could possibly want from my shower gel. So if you are looking to spice up your shower game then this is the product for you. And the best part is that it is not just for women. The scent is so versatile and hard to resist even by men. While I do not know this from personal experience because I hide my bottle, my friend Ana’s husband is a huge fan. For those of you who are wondering what he looks like, think GQ magazine cover and I am not kidding. I would share a photo, but I value my life…

Overall, I truly recommend you give Brazilian 4Play a try and I assure you that if you loved any of the other products from the collection, you will love this product just as much if not more. It is a must for every beauty lover. What are you waiting for?

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    1. Susan

      Since I really like the smell of the cream, and you say the shower gel is moisturizing, I’m definitely trying it. Been thinking about it for some time now. It’s so rare to find a shower gel that’s actually moisturizing!!

      1. Nana

        Glad you loved the cream. I am sure you will love the shower cream as well. You can even try it in a travel sized format to make sure. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Maite

      I buy my shower gel based on 2 properties: smell and hydration properties. as my skin is very dry. I love the smell of the brand so I will put this product on my next shopping list.

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