ELF Cosmetics Watermelon Jelly Cleanser

I am sure you have all been wondering what the new Jelly Pop collection from ELF Cosmetics is all about.

While I did order the products the day they became available online, it took a while until I got my hands on them. That is all because I no longer live on the UK so I either pick up my orders when I visit or have them forwarded to me.

Anyway, by now you probably know quite a few things about the products, but still here are my 2 cents on the Watermelon Jelly Cleanser.

Watermelon Jelly Cleanser Review

As soon as I saw that the new Jelly Pop collection from ELF had launched, I knew that I just had to try it. If you know some of my past experiences with ELF skincare from over the years, you might find this statement a bit strange. I did not always had the best luck when it came to their skincare. But, I just couldn’t help myself. The products looked so good and so different that I just had to try them, you know?

Also, before moving forward I want to clarify that despite my past experiences with the skincare products, I do love ELF and they do have some pretty amazing products here and there. You just need to find them. I am here to help!

Going back to the Watermelon Jelly Cleanser, as after all this is what the article is all about.

The Watermelon Cleanser comes in a simple, squishy tube. At first sight, it is not much to look at, but it is works quite well for the product and also given the price. After all, it is not the packaging that counts.

So we have a cute tube, but nothing too exciting.

Now, let’s talk about the actual product. The first thing you notice is the watermelon fragrance so the name was not given just because it sounded cool. And speaking about cool, the product has an interesting cool ( as in temperature) water-gel like texture. It is perfect for summer, especially if you are coming from the scorching heat outside.

The fragrance is not super potent, but the product does smell great. However, once you use the product, the scent vanishes completely so no don’t expect your face to smell like fresh cut watermelons. That is such a pity!

Like I said above, the ELF Watermelon Jelly Cleanser has a cool feel to it and the texture is pretty interesting as well. The product is easy to apply and does not foam all that much. This also makes it easy to wash off without requiring too much water.

However, while the Watermelon Jelly Cleanser from ELF Cosmetics does an okay job at removing dirt and minimal makeup, personally I would not use it to remove an entire face full of makeup. My skin did not feel clean enough when I tried. I prefer to stick to other cleansers when wearing a lot of makeup. This does not mean that the Watermelon Jelly Cleanser is not great for a double cleanse or when wearing little to no products.

As for how the Watermelon Jelly Cleanser left my face feeling, well that is a bit more complicated. I loved the feel of the cleanser, but after washing it off and letting my face dry completely, I get like my skin was a tiny bit uncomfortable. Sure, there are other cleansers that stripped my skin considerably more than the watermelon cleanser, but you definitely need a good hydrator after using this product.

Overall, I loved playing with the Watermelon Jelly Cleanser from ELF and I do think it is a pretty good product. I will definitely continue to use the tube I’ve got as it is not that big to begin with – around 100ml. However, even if it weren’t a limited edition, I am not sure whether I would buy it again even if given the chance. On the other hand, the Watermelon Cleanser is one of the best skincare products I tried from ELF so far. And another thing to note is that it might be more suitable for younger skin. This is definitely something that I would have loved in my teens when I was just getting used to cleansing my face properly.

If you want to learn how you can get more value for your money when it comes to buying ELF products, then I recommend you read this.

Have you tried anything from the Jelly Pop collection?

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